The Best Environmentally Sustainable Water Brands in 2022

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Environmental sustainability is integral to creating a world where future generations will be able to experience the same amount of access to the natural resources we know and love today. Without consideration for the planet across everything we do, the world they are born into might look very different and far more chaotic. Water companies have a responsibility to implement sustainable practices not only for this reason, but also because water is itself a scarce resource. Thankfully, there are a few brands paving the way for others. Today, we’ll shine some light on these. 

Water & Sustainable Development

The connection between water and sustainable development is very strong. Some experts suggest that the former is at the core of the latter and critical for socio-economic development. Water is not only important for human survival, but also for reducing the burden of disease in developing countries and enhancing the health and welfare in places with limited access. Conserving water should be just considered equally important the way it is purified for human consumption. The water brands below are doing their best to tackle both at the same time, with all of them deserving a major pat on the back for setting the standard for everyone else. . 


Many news outlets have covered Aquafina and their drive towards sustainability over the years. The brand works hard to cut down the PET plastic used in their bottles (and claim to have done so by 40% in the last decade and a half). Their approach to business combines the way their product promotes having a happy body and a happy planet. The brand is continuing their pledge to cut down on the amount of plastic they use, with new technologies being introduced in order to make all the links in their supply chain more environmentally friendly. 

Wind energy in action to promote sustainability

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water is proud to promote the fact that they use reusable glass bottles in their production line. This not only reduces the amount of plastic that goes into circulation around the world, but also offers health benefits when it comes to the quality of the water they source from local springs. The company has 150 year of experience in the market, with a recent push to find new ways for customers to upcycle their glasses. You can even find ideas for creating mini succulent gardens using these, should you wish. 


In terms of South African companies making gains in sustainability, the Aquazania team works hard to do what it can to protect their environment through operations too. We offer bottled and bottleless water cooler solutions that have been tailored to this and then some. Wherever possible, recyclable materials are used and eco-friendliness is prioritised in terms of the mechanics of the coolers too. As new technologies emerge, our pledge to customers is to continue exploring all the ways we can provide the best purified water to the market while looking out for the health and welfare of the planet too. 

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