The Best Kinds of Coffee for Weight Loss

If the new year has you on the weight loss train, you might be looking for all the best ways to shape up a little bit in the coming months. Although increased activity levels are always encouraged for this, it’s also important to combine this with a healthy diet that won’t necessarily leave you hungry during the course of the day. It’s possible to even go further than that by thinking about the liquids you’re putting into your body, including that beloved cup of coffee at the start of the morning. Is it possible that there are some coffees that are better than others for aiding weight loss? 

How Coffee Helps The Weight Loss Process

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you also love coffee very much and are wondering how it can help with getting you to your goal weight. Although coffee itself isn’t the culprit when it comes to consuming too many calories in a day, the added extras may be to blame for that extra bit of holiday weight you might be carrying now. If you’re laying it on thick in terms of the milk, sugar, cream, flavourings and so forth, your coffee might be working against your weight loss efforts. Coffee can help with the weight loss process when you cut back on these gradually, eventually enjoying it as closely as possible to its original form. 

The Power of Black Coffee

Drinking coffee in its original form means banking on the powers of traditional black coffee. This is one of the best types of coffee for weight loss, especially as it usually contains no more than 5 calories per cup. For this reason, many people consider it to be a calorie-free beverage. It’s also high in antioxidants, which can really give your body a boost when you’re starting to dial up your activity levels. Drinking your coffee black could be the best thing you do for your waistline all year. 

Skinny Latte’s 

If black coffee isn’t your cup of tea, try going for a skinny latte instead. These will typically cut back on the calories, especially if you do them at home and can see exactly what is going into them. The best way to make them is by using low or no-fat milk, with a sugar-free flavouring. Start with a traditional black coffee and add these with as much moderation as you can muster up. Before you know it, you’ll be used to the taste and saying goodbye to the days of adding multiple sugars into your coffee cups every day. 

Sugar-Substituted Coffee

Last but not least, the Aquaspresso team can vouch for the power of sugar-substituted cups of coffee. If you’re watching your weight for a little while, consider a calorie-free sugar substitute to keep the original taste without the guilt. It’s important not to consume too much artificial sugar over the course of a day, as this might have an effect on your long-term health. The same goes for sugar-free flavourings that are so popular these days. These are as readily available as their sugar-filled counterparts and won’t have you watching the number on the scale go up every month. Good luck on the journey, remember to be kind to yourself along the way, and enjoy your coffee!