The Best Kinds of Water Filters for PFAS Chemicals

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There’s nothing better than a fresh, cold and clean glass of water. PFAS chemicals — commonly found in drinking water around the world — can quickly spoil the party and instantly make water unsafe to drink. Recent studies suggest that these chemicals may be linked to some cancers and low birth rates. They might also affect growth and learning of infants, cause trouble for adult immune systems and potentially interfere with the natural hormones in the body. So which water filters are ideal for removing these chemicals from water? Today, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know right here.

PFAS Chemicals Explained

PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are chemicals that are primarily used to make coatings and products that resist heat, stains, grease and oil. Typically, they are found in industry across a wide range of sectors. These compounds take an exceptionally long time to break down, which is why they can so easily slip into water supplies and be quite difficult to remove completely. They’re equally harmful to animals as to humans, so having a water filter that can minimise the risk of exposure is essential. Companies and individuals have a responsibility to reduce their exposure to PFAS chemicals wherever possible. 

The Slippery Nature of These Chemicals 

Government regulation around where they are used, made, disposed of and spilled is essential. When these tricky compounds are found in surface water (like lakes, rivers and more), they have the ability to seep through the soil and migrate underwater to drinking water sources. This makes them even more difficult to track and manage. This is reason for concern to health experts all over the world, who continue to link these chemicals to adverse health effects that can deplete a good quality of life. PFAS chemicals can even migrate into air, dust and food, which is why decisive action is so important when it comes to preventing exposure. 

Clean water that has gone through a filtration process

The Best Water Filters for PFAS Chemicals

With so many water filters on the market, it can be difficult to know exactly which filter to use to reduce the effects of PFAS chemicals. Although not always effective in removing these chemicals 100%, changes in technology and new designs are fast catching up to help curb their spread. GAC (granular activated carbon, or charcoal filters) and RO (reverse osmosis) filters are the best on the market today. Commercial lab testing has confirmed this, so it’s best to bank on one or the other to ensure your drinking water supply is as clean as possible. 

Purified Water Using Both Filters

At Aquazania, we introduce both GAC and RO filtration into our water purification process across our product options. These are two steps in a nine step process to make sure that as many of the impurities are removed as possible with every single glass. GAC is conducted over seven steps during the early stages of our process, and RO is used as a staple to get rid of all the remaining contaminants at the end of it. If you’re on the lookout for the cleanest water around, try one of our bottled or bottleless solutions today.

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