The Best Kinds of Water to Drink While Managing Hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism is more common than most people think, affecting roughly one out of every 100 people in the United States, with similar statistics elsewhere. Thyroid diseases may be lifelong conditions, but most of the symptoms are perfectly treatable. Hyperthyroidism is a serious condition that can affect other parts of the body, which is why effective management and treatment is very important no matter what age you are. Balancing your hormone levels might be expensive, but there are other ways, like drinking the right kind of water, that will also boost your odds of fighting off debilitating symptoms. 

What is Hyperthyroidism? 

Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the body produces too much of the thyroxine hormone. This happens via the thyroid, otherwise known as the “butterfly shaped” gland in the neck. The condition can increase metabolism, result in irregular heartbeat, sweating and unexpected weight loss. There are multiple ways to treat the condition, which typically involves medication, and in more serious cases, surgery. Common symptoms include excessive nervousness or tiredness, and if you experience hand tremors or an irregular heartbeat from time to time.

Managing the Condition

Left untreated, hyperthyroidism can create bigger problems in other areas of your life. From the heart, to bones, to creating menstrual cycle and fertility issues, it’s important to prioritise the right treatment. The condition will not go away on its own, and finding the right treatment mix will take some trial and error. Often, overtreatment leads to hypothyroidism, which is why it’s important to do what you can to find the right mix that works for you. 

Water to drink when managing hyperthyroidism

The Best Type of Water For Managing Hyperthyroidism

Good thyroid health won’t only be able to be treated by drinking water, but making sure you get a steady supply of spring or mineral water can help to reduce the amount of bacteria, toxic metals and chemicals in your bloodstream. These types of water often contain essential minerals that aid the overall functioning of the body. Fluids that may hinder symptom management include coffee and caffeinated teas, as these are likely to increase anxiety and irritability, affecting your heart rate as well. Start your day with a glass of water and see what it does for you. 

Getting Your Hands on Pure, Clean Water

The Aquazania team have been experts in providing homes and offices with healthy drinking water for decades. From water coolers to small bottles for when you’re on the go, we’re here to cater directly to your needs. Our bottled water goes through a nine step process to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible. Try a water cooler rental for a couple of months to see if it can help with improving your overall health, helping you to manage your condition in the best way possible as a result. At the end of the day, you’ll be the best judge of what works for you, and our team is happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in order to help you get there sooner.

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