The Best Low-Acid Coffee Beans to Combat Acid Reflux

Millions of coffee lovers around the world can’t get their days started without having a hot cup of coffee. There’s nothing quite like its exceptional aroma and the way it ensnares the taste buds too. If you find yourself having stomach issues after your second or third cup, don’t panic! You may just be better off switching to low-acid coffee beans in order to avoid that dreaded heartburn, bloating or acid reflux. Caffeinated coffee is known for increasing the acid content in the stomach, which is likely where the problem starts and what you’ll have to tackle directly to feel like your bright and sparkling self again. 

Dark Roast Beans

Dark roast coffees are good for acid reflux because they tend to be less acidic than their counterparts. This is because they contain fewer compounds that cause the cells of the stomach to produce higher levels of acid. If you’ve started to feel a little ill after having your second cuppa in the morning, try switching to these types of beans to see if it makes a difference. If you’re still struggling after a few days, it’s a good idea to speak to a medical professional to see if the effect might not be related to another problem.

Espresso Beans

Another avenue to try when you’re trying to combat acid reflux is to start drinking espresso instead of your regular coffee. Be mindful that this will give you an instant jolt of caffeine, so you don’t need to be matching the amount of cups you would traditionally drink. The brewing process is far shorter for an espresso, which means that less acid filters into the cup and eventually gets into your system. Try it out, see if it works for you and do what you can to moderate your intake to avoid bouncing off the walls come 2pm. 

Arabica Beans

One of the best beans to switch to when you’re suffering from coffee-related stomach or reflux problems are Arabica beans. These are recommended because they have less acid than other types of beans, especially if they are 100% (pure). Better yet, if you’re going to be buying this type of coffee you should be looking out for brands that tend to roast in smaller batches. It’s even better if these are roasted right before you buy them or before they are shipped to you. All of this will help to lower the acidity level and give you peace of mind that you can enjoy your favourite hot drink without worrying about feeling unwell. 

A Coffee Machine To Compliment The Process

At Aquaspresso, we love the idea of our customers enjoying their favourite coffee brew in a bid to feel their best during the day. No matter which low-acid coffee beans you’re going to try to make sure you don’t suffer from acid reflux, doing so with a coffee machine that is fit for the job of making high quality brew is a must. We offer machine’s to rent or to buy, catering to budgets of all types. Get in touch if you’re ready to get the most out of every cup moving forward.