The Best Mini Water Coolers Options in 2020

In a modern office environment, doing the most you can with the space you have is everything these days. Gone are the times when companies rented out excessively large office spaces, and employees had their own offices in most industries. In light of startup culture and the tech boom, many new companies have to make do with smaller offices, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on some of the good things that come with working from an office environment. A good coffee machine, a space to take a break, and access to purified water are some of the perks that aren’t lost on employers looking to create a decent company culture. It’s relatively easy to make at least one of those happen, even if it means getting a mini water cooler that finds its place on a nearby counter.


What is a Mini Water Cooler?

If you have a preconceived idea about what a water cooler is supposed to be, forget about it. These days, they are also designed in mini versions that can fit on countertops, as manufacturers have grown more mindful that offices and homes are typically smaller than in the past, and people have access to less space to work with altogether. The same applies to people who work from home, or have set up a temporary office space due to COVID-19 restrictions. A mini water cooler has all the features of a large cooler, but everything is shrunk to a size that meets the demands of various consumer needs.


A Bestseller with Good Reason: AquaCooler Desktop


The first entry on our list of the best mini water coolers in 2020 has got to be the AquaCooler Desktop, which comes in grey. This bottled water cooler packs a true punch, and offers access to the same size water bottles than you can expect on the traditionally sized models offered by the same manufacturer. Hygienic, non-drip and super easy to use, the AquaCooler Desktop water cooler also comes equipped with an environmentally friendly cooling system, which means that it is a good option to explore if your company (or home) is working on going more green as we head deeper into the decade. 

A Futuristic Gem: The AQA Sodax

The AQA Sodax is one of the most beautiful desktop water coolers on the market, not only for it’s futuristic design, but because of how seamlessly it fits into all environment types. Available in red, white, silver and black, this mini water cooler delivers four different water types, including cold, hot and room temperature water, as well as giving the user the opportunity to make sparkling water. With an output of 15 litres per hour, it’s no secret why it is a great fit for offices of all sizes. If you’ve never seen a water cooler with a touch screen, the AQA Sodax will be your formal introduction into this and other possible design enhancements we may see in the industry moving deeper into the 2020’s.

The Silver Surfer: The AQA Touch

Don’t judge a water cooler by its size. This silver beauty provides the highest output of any of the machines on our list, capping at a whopping 25-30 liters per hour, even though it is in the same size range as its competitors on the list. While this machine might not necessarily have the design pizzaz of the AQA Sodax, it makes up for it by also providing four different water types at lightning speed. The AQA Touch is perfect for kitchens in commercial buildings and homes, as the shiny steel design will compliment most surface types. If this, or any of the other products on this list tickle your fancy, check in with Aquazania for any ongoing specials related to their rentals, or outright purchases. Happy mini water cooler hunting this year!

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