The Best Office Water Cooler Rentals for 2020

Not many people are aware of the fact that when it comes to buying a water cooler for your office, some providers give you the options to opt for a rental as well. This has a host of benefits, which we’ll discuss, and is something that could give you quick access to machines for your entire office. Water remains the #1 resource in the world, and too few companies are prioritising healthy, purified options in their budgets, especially as something that helps with the longer term wellbeing of employees in general. Let’s explore some of the best water cooler rental options for you to consider, as you take a deep dive into the cleanest water you can imagine.

The Benefits of Renting a Water Cooler

From a pricing perspective, renting a water cooler rather than buying it upfront, can make a big difference to cash flow. Monthly instalments take the ease off’ a single payment, and also allows for you to get a couple of water coolers at the same time for different parts of the office, rather than having to spend a large amount in one go. From a maintenance perspective, renting also helps, as you have access to hands-on teams (the company that you rent the machine from) to help with any faults or existing maintenance. They can even help with topping up bottle water cooler options, as well as letting you know if there are any future specials you should keep your eye on.

Silver Springs

The first company you should consider renting a water cooler from is Silver Springs. If you’re going to judge them by the layout of their website, you may have your doubts, but trust us on this one. With great specials and well known for their effective service, renting from them is a good option. Currently, their prices are relatively cheap, and you also get special rates if you are able to pay for a year contract upfront. Chat to them about their existing offers and what they can do for you.


Aquazania was born out of a 1966 company called Aquacoolers, which grew as the need for cleaner water arose. When it comes to the quality of their water, there is no comparison to other providers, as they do extensive testing and re-testing of supplies in order to provide only the best quality water to the market. Renting a machine from them is great, because contrary to competitors, they offer a 7 day free trial, with no obligation for you to continue after that. With a range of medium to high-end water coolers available, including some from the renowned AQUA range, they provide a healthy, balanced option each time.

Premium Waters Inc.

Last but not least, Premium Waters Inc. is a great possible options to rent a water cooler from. With a history as old as South African democracy, and having grown from the acquisition of other companies, they’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the water industry for the past two decades in particular. While their primary business consists of the supply of 3 and 5 gallon water bottles, to be used in conjunction with their cooler systems, you will have extensive maintenance support along the way. They go the distance, also looking out for your budget in the process. 

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