The Best Rated Bottled Water Dispensers in 2021

A generic bottled water filter draw

Bottled water dispensers are a staple in the workplace more than ever before in 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that good health should not be taken for granted, and many companies are doing what they can in order to prioritise the health of their employees as life begins to slowly return to normal. Introducing one of the best rated water dispensers from 2021 can be the perfect way to send a message about the management team wanting to encourage good health across the various department, as well as offering peace of mind that there is less of a likelihood that employees will get sick from consuming unfiltered water directly from the tap. 

The Benefits of Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers come with many benefits, including that they offer a better tasting water option than drinking directly from the tap. The right supplier will clean nearly all of the harmful contaminants from the water, offering a pure and clean solution that can be implemented year round. Bottled water solutions make budgeting easier, as bottleless solutions plug directly into the main line at the office and may lead to people using more than they should. The right dispenser should be mobile, offer a space for the team to socialise, and help to minimise landfill waste by dissuading people from using smaller plastic bottles. 

Avalon’s Top Loaded Water Dispenser

Avalon is known for providing bottom and top loaded water coolers. Their top loaded bottled water dispenser is similar to what you would have seen on the market, although it is known for being slightly lighter to help encourage greater mobility. If something simple and efficient is what you’re after, this is a great water dispenser to consider. We love the hot and cold water options, and the anti-spill tray. It even comes equipped with a child safety lock, in case some members of the team ever bring theirs to the office. Now that’s covering all bases. 

Water bottles that can be minimised using a bottled water cooler

The Giantex Water Dispenser

Giantex also has a well rated, reputable water dispenser to add into the mix. This dispenser has a very traditional design, which may not work as well in modern office spaces, but is still a bankable product that can get the job done well. One key difference with this water cooler is that it has a storage cabinet underneath the dispenser unit, which can come in handy if you’re keen to make the most out of the office space. This water dispenser is easy to clean and maintain, and very user friendly. It doesn’t filter water directly through the machine, so make sure you have a good bottled water supplier to avoid running into problems down the line. 

The AQA One Floor Standing Water Dispenser

The AQA One Floor Standing water dispenser is a legendary water dispenser that might look like it would be very expensive, but is highly affordable for any sized office space. This dispenser comes with all the bells and whistles mentioned in the other two on the list, as well as incorporating an environmentally friendly cooling system. This puts it a cut above the rest, adding to the fact that it already doesn’t contain any disposable plastic components to begin with. At 4.5 litres per hour, it’s water capacity is right up there with other bottled water options, and if you’re looking to buy or try (rent) this machine, the Aquazania team can make doing so easy and uncomplicated.

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