The Best Water Cooler Rental Companies in South Africa

Water cooler rentals are a great way to provide fresh, purified water to the team at the office without having to fork out an arm and a leg. Many companies provide options that are bottled or bottleless (plugging directly into the main line in the building), both of which don’t have to be purchased outright, and can be rented for as long as you would like. So which companies provide the best options, products and deals to engage in a water cooler rental in South Africa? We’re glad you asked. Let’s touch on this, after we’ve discussed the benefits of renting, rather than buying.

Why Rent, Rather Than Buy?

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned about the price, it helps to keep in mind that paying a small monthly fee each month means you have more cashflow to spend on other things related to the development of the business. This is key if you’re running a small business, and can be a big help in months when cash is a little tight. Finances aside, renting from a reputable water company not only provides you with hands-on support should anything go wrong with the cooler, or should you have any questions, but all maintenance is handled directly by the team themselves. You also have a clear line to talk to an expert around newer products that are available and best suited to your office environment, especially when you’re looking to make some upgrades to a few of your spaces. 


You can’t mention water cooler rentals in South Africa and not mention Aquazania first. With decades of experience as a premium water supplier to businesses and homes across the country, they were one of the first companies to make a splash about their rental options, after seeing a gap in the market and realising they needed to cater to their customers in the best way possible. From bottled to bottleless solutions and more, Aquazania offers premium products at affordable rates, including a host of different models geared towards multi-purpose offices too. Renting from them is a win-win.

The Water Corporation

The Water Corporation is also a good option to try when you’re looking to rent a water cooler for the first time, and at the moment they have three options available for SME’s. No matter which model you choose, all their options are compressor cooler, providing fast and quick cooling unlike some of the competitor models on the market. If you catch them at the right time, they also offer a 14 day free trial for small businesses to give their rentals a test, which is useful if you’re trying to see which parts of the office needs a cooler (and how many you’d like to rent). 

Go Rentals

Go Rentals has a popular bottled water cooler option available for short-term rentals (under 90 days), which comes at a fixed daily rate, or a more affordable weekly and monthly rate. This floor standing cooler has capacity for 20 litres of water, and includes a free bottle with each purchase. Be mindful that with bottled coolers you need to keep paying for additional bottles, so work out how many you may need during the course of the month, and shop around for a few quotes before committing. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking crystal clear water with the rest of the team, smiling at yet another accomplishment that benefits the collective.

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