The Best Water Coolers for Rental Properties

Glasses of clean water sourced from a water cooler

Whether an office or a home space, a water cooler or two can do wonders for a rental property. Aside from adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen space, it serves a practical purpose in terms of offering a clean, safe glass of water for people in the space with every sip. But which water coolers are the best when it comes to rentals? Today, we’ll wrap our heads around the most popular models, pointing you in the right direction should you be after a cooler for your next exciting rental space. 

The Sustainability Factor

Adding a water cooler into a space elevates the property in terms of sustainability, saving you money on unnecessary costs like buying ample small water bottles in order to have a reliable clean drinking water solution in place. It also reduces the likelihood of litter lying around the space, with these plastic bottles likely to end up adding strain to landfills too at the end of the day. A cooler adds a touch of class to the space, whether you go with a standing option or a countertop alternative. The right one to fit your specific needs will likely be found in one of the three models mentioned next. 

AQA One (Floor Standing Bottled Cooler)

The AQA One bottled water cooler is a standing model that offers a pre-set amount of premium drinking water. Manufactured in sleek black with a stylish design that will turn heads, it offers cool and warm water options with a child-safe tap to prevent accidents too. Stainless steel reservoirs — which purposefully aren’t made using plastic — preserve the excellent taste of the water while also reducing environmental strain too. Replacement bottles are easy to use, feature a hygienic sealing cap too and can be ordered directly from the Aquazania team. 

A rental property kitchen that could benefit from a water cooler

AQA Touch (Tabletop Bottleless Cooler)

For a smaller alternative, the AQA Touch is a great option to explore. Known as the “best friend” of water coolers, this compact cooler packs a real punch, offering high output levels (unlike some of the similar tabletop options available by competitors). Beautifully designed with a programmable touch screen, this cooler adds a modern touch to any space and can produce up to 30 litres per hour. As it connects directly to the main line, you won’t have to worry about replacing bottles and only have to factor in periodical maintenance on the filter to keep it working at full capacity. 

AQA One (Floor Standing Bottleless Cooler)

For a floor standing water cooler that has been around the block and back, explore the AQA One bottleless model. It is one of the most reliable, cost-effective options on the market, with output levels of up to 4.5 litres per hour. Available in metallic or white, this machine can be requested in tabletop size too. Custom designed stands can be ordered too. Chat to our team to hear about how you can go about buying this one, or alternatively exploring a rental option to make sure it is the right fit for your space and budget.

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