The Best Water Coolers to Use During Load Shedding

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Load shedding is here to stay unfortunately, but just because you’ve been left in the dark doesn’t mean you have to forfeit access to clean, healthy, purified water at home or the office. Power cuts have catastrophic effects on electrical appliances, especially in terms of their long-term usage and how regularly they need to be maintained. Thankfully, water coolers are some of the few appliances that have long been designed with electricity efficiency in mind, coming in two different types (bottled and bottleless options) to make them more versatile based on individual circumstances as well. So which water coolers are the best to use in times of load shedding? 

Tips for WATER Cooler Preservation

Before we consider three of the best water coolers to invest in during periods of load shedding, it’s worth covering a few tips to preserve the lifespan of the cooler. These could also be applied to other appliances, saving you some headaches and money in future too. Inverters are great inventions, offering battery backup to appliances to keep them going during a power cut. It’s useful to get your water cooler onto this supply, and being energy-efficient, it is unlikely to make a big dent in load capacity. If you don’t have access to an inverter, opt to unplug appliances wherever possible, in order to prevent a power surge when they come back on. Also keep an eye on new water cooler models that have this type of protection regardless, as this can save on hassles later down the line too. 

AQA One Bottleless Floor Standing Cooler

The AQA One bottleless cooler is the perfect floor standing cooler to introduce into your space during periods of load shedding. Energy efficient to a tee, it cools the water through environmentally friendly gas refrigerants. Because of its bottleless nature, it requires access to power in terms of doing its best job. The good news is that it uses very little power in comparison to other models in the same range, meaning that it won’t drain your UPS battery or put additional strain on an inverter that’s already powering other essentials like WiFi, the fridge, etc. 

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Aquacooler Bottled Desktop Water Cooler

Another option to explore is the Aquacooler Desktop water cooler. This bottled cooler is popular for its affordable price, ability to keep water sterile and fresh in spite of access to an electricity supply, as well as including factory set thermostats with dual fail safe temperature cut-outs. With a capacity of 4.5 litres per hour, you won’t be going thirsty during periods of load shedding. The great news is that you won’t even need to be plugged in in order to use it, meaning the whole family or office team will be able to keep sipping a purified glass of water in spite of what the schedule on EskomSePush says. 

AQA One Floor Standing Bottled Cooler

The AQA One (Bottled) water cooler is a floor standing option that has the same perks of its bottleless cousin, albeit without having to rely on a main line supply of water. Hygenic to a tee, this water cooler was designed with the latest technologies in mind, creating something so phenomenal that it is widely used in offices around South Africa today. With machine rentals starting from as little as R150 per month from Aquazania, this machine is accessible to all types of budgets, giving a fresh supply of water in spite of the electricity woes facing the country today. So when will you be getting your hands on one?

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