The Best Water Filters for Limescale

A water droplet from a purified source

Limescale is a tough, chalky deposit that is commonly found building up in bottles, kettles, pipes and more. It’s mostly the result of hot water depositing high levels of calcium carbonate (found in the water itself) that end up compounding over time. But is it something that can have a very negative effect on your health? Today, we’ll delve deeper into this, while also offering a few specific water filters that are good at tackling the problem. We’ll also point you in a different direction for a solution that could avoid the problem altogether. 

How Dangerous is Limescale?

Anybody that’s seen the build-up of limescale will ask the obvious question: is this something that can be harmful to my health? The answer is both yes and no. In small quantities, it does not have too many repercussions to general good health. The problem comes in when larger quantities are consumed. There’s also the issue of taste to consider. Although some people prefer the taste of hard water, many are put off by the idea. Minerals can be good for your body, but they’re of no use if getting them into the bloodstream in a sustainable manner requires drinking something you don’t enjoy. 

OsmoTech Filter Range

One way of combating limescale buildup is to drink water that has been filtered with one from OsmoTech. The company supplies a wide variety of options for consumers to choose from, many of which are often decently priced relative to the rest of the market. Their Reverse Osmosis filter sets are ideal for creating clean drinking water every time, and replacement filters are easy enough to use. Each unit provides a five stage purifying process, so well crafted that it even tries to tackle any residue that might be missed in earlier stages too. 

Water droplets during the reverse osmosis process

Puritech Filters

Another option to consider is the Puritech 400 GPD PureWater RO system, which uses the same technique as OsmoTech, and is capable of removing over 99% harmful pollutants. The system instals neatly below the sink and can handle up to a staggering 1500 litres per day. Other filters in the Puritech range can also do a good job for tackling limescale, especially when replaced regularly. The only consideration to keep in mind with these filters is that they’re imported from outside South Africa, which can drive up the price depending on market and economic conditions. 

Aquazania: Same Effect, Different Solution

If you’re looking for a different kind of solution to the problem, a bottled or bottleless water cooler from Aquazania can do the job. Our multi-step filtration process is renowned for covering all bases, and for ensuring that our customers have a clean, healthy glass of water every single time. Limescale build-up will not be a problem with either of our water cooler solutions. We also provide bottled water for when you’re on the road for work or leisure, which also ticks the boxes in terms of the best purified water on the market. If you need some extra advice on tackling limescale, we’re here to point you in the right direction too.

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