The Best Water Filters for Removing Calcium

Man drinking clean water after it has been purified with a water filter

Hard water refers to water that is higher in mineral content than it should necessarily be. It forms when water with high deposit levels of limestone or chalk (typically made up of magnesium and calcium carbonates) runs through pipes, builds up in bottles and so forth. If you’re already taking a multivitamin, you might be covering your daily recommended amount already. Adding this into your water may lead to consuming more than is required. In the long run, this could impact your general good health. So which filters are the best for removing excess calcium from your water supply?

How Calcium Affects the Taste of Water

Hard water may not necessarily be bad for you, but in high doses it does have the potential to affect your health. Calcium plays an important role in the body, although it is better consumed from sources that you are able to manage and regulate. The main consideration when it comes to having excess calcium in your water supply is that it might make the taste of the water unpleasant. Water with a calcium carbonate concentration upwards of 120 mg per litre, up to about 180 mgs, is formally considered to be hard, potentially affecting the taste in an adverse way.  

@HOME’s DNA Water Purifier Filter

For home use, companies like @HOME are good to consider thanks to the fact that they tend to stock a variety of different choices from different suppliers. Their DNA Water Purifier — equipped with a high quality, long-lasting filter — is a countertop option that doesn’t require any kind of installation. Covering a four stage purification process, as well as offering five different temperature settings, it’s possible to get the perfect glass of water every single time. Great for removing excess minerals, this purifier and its adjacent filter also look sleek, well thought out and perfectly polished.

A glass of water that has been treated to remove excess calcium

Leroy Merlin’s Superpure Ultra Filter

For a standalone filter that will take care of hard water right away, try Leroy Merlin’s Superpure Ultra. This five stage filter is the ideal basic system that doesn’t result in any kind of wastage along the way. With one of the thinnest membranes on the market, it is great for catching those hard to separate particles that could change the composition and quality of the water. Through reverse osmosis, the Superpure Ultra makes sure that limestone or chalk deposit levels are manageable, giving consumers peace of mind about the taste of their water, and whether it has a normal level of minerals with every sip. 

Additional Advice for Removing Excess Calcium

For additional options to get rid of excess calcium, the Aquazania team can tell you everything you need to know. Our water filters across both bottled and bottleless water coolers are designed to create one of the cleanest supplies of water to businesses and homes around South Africa. If you’re worried about what you and your family are putting into your bodies, reach out to us and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction. 

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