The Complete Guide to Home Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Prices

Domestic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Prices: Purchase and Rental Costs

Bean to Cup coffee machines, for many years, used to be frighteningly expensive and only those who owned a Porsche or two could seem to afford one. With the emergence of low cost capsule machines, bean machines were forced to compete and although they are still considerably more expensive than most capsule machines on the market, they at least now represent a relatively affordable option for the home coffee connoisseur.

DeLonghi Coffee Machine Prices

DeLonghi Coffee Machines are one of the best selling brands of automatic bean to cup coffee machines worldwide. DeLonghi, who are also responsible for the manufacture of a number of Nespresso models, have gained a reputation over the last few years for making reliable, functional machines at a great price. DeLonghi machines probably represent the best value for money automatic machine that money can buy in South Africa today.

Why DeLonghi? If your selection criteria is centralised around output and value for money, as well as efficient backup support availability, you’re in for a treat. The machines are easy to operate and hold the well-known brand confidence that comes with DeLonghi.
Where can you buy this range? Dion Wired,,, Game Stores and Makro.



DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto

  • Purchase Price: R 10, 000.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 500.00 P/M




DeLonghi Esam 6900

  • Purchase Price: R 18,000.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 900.00 P/M




DeLonghi Ecam 23.460

  • Purchase Price: R 7,800.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 400.00 P/M


delonghi coffee machine costs


DeLonghi EC 850.M

  • Purchase Price: R 4,000.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 300.00 P/M




DeLonghi ESAM 3500

  • Purchase Price: R 9,039.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: R 360.00 P/M


Delonghi Prima Donna



Jura Coffee Machine Prices

We have been selling and renting Jura machines for over 6 years now, and we can say emphatically that we haven’t been disappointed. In terms of robustness, long term reliability and coffee making quality, Jura still cannot be beat in our opinion. The Swiss coffee giant falls at the higher end of the pricing scale but the machines’ milk froth and coffee extraction ability makes them worth it- if ones pockets allow for it.

Why Jura? The Swiss giant offers ranges for all environments – from home users to large commercial users. The backup support and availability for this brand is globally recognized, and the quality of the extraction is hard to surpass.
Where can you buy this range?, Quaffee, Aquaspresso, International Coffee Equipment (Jura South Africa)




Jura ENA Micro 1

  • Purchase Price: R 10, 000.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 490.00 P/M




Jura ENA Micro 9

  • Purchase Price: R 14, 700.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 700.00 P/M


Jura Impressa F9


Jura Impressa F9 OTC

  • Purchase Price: R 16, 300.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 490.00 P/M



Jura Impressa F8

  • Purchase Price: R 14, 700.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 390.00 P/M


Jura Impressa A9


Jura Impressa A9 OTC

  • Purchase Price: R 15, 300.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 750.00 P/M


jura middle


Jura Impressa J9.3 TFT

  • Purchase Price: R 28, 000.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 1 400.00 P/M


Sprada Coffee Machine Prices

Sprada, the other Swiss Miss of coffee machines, have had two comings in South Africa and represent a good alternative to other machine options for “money is no question” folk. Sprada has gained fame worldwide through their big brother Franke machines – but the little guys for home can also hold their own. Perhaps not as feature-filled and classy looking when compared to the DeLonghi or Jura but still an option worth considering.

Why Sprada? If you’re in search of a hybrid of quality, convenience and reliability – Sprada offers the package. With local backup support, you’re sure to always have your machine well looked after.
Where to get the range: Foghound SA, Sprada South Africa and Dion Wired.


sprada future


Sprada Future OTC

  • Purchase Price: R 16, 999.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 850.00 P/M


sprada executive-gold


Sprada Future

  • Purchase Price: R 9, 999.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 500.00 P/M


sprada future OTC


Sprada Executive Gold

  • Purchase Price: R 11, 950.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 690.00 P/M


Saeco Coffee Machine Prices


Saeco – or Philips Saeco as they are now called – started the Automatic coffee machine craze in South Africa some 15  years ago. Saeco, born and bred in Italy, is probably one of the only machines to match Jura on this list for coffee extraction quality. Saeco has bumped up its choice of one touch options in the past few years enabling anyone with +- R10, 000.00 to spend, to enjoy a true Italian coffee in the comfort of ones home.

Why Saeco? The convenience of any great brand coupled with the ease of use offered by their range makes for a comfortable acquisition to your home or small office. Their price range is competitive and reasonable.
Where to buy the range?,, Aquaspresso.


Saeco Minuto Espresso


Saeco Minuto Espresso

  • Purchase Price: R 9, 500.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R270 P/M


Saeco Intelia Evo Automatic Espresso


Saeco Intelia Evo Silver

  • Purchase Price: R 13, 050.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 500.00 P/M


Philips Saeco Intelia Automatic Espresso Black


Saeco Intelia Evo Blaco

  • Purchase Price: R 13, 050.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 590.00 P/M


Saeco Exprelia Evo


Saeco Exprelia Evo

  • Purchase Price: R 14, 700.00
  • Monthly Rental Price: From R 600.00 P/M



We have tried to be as inclusive as possible in the above list; but as it is with the world of coffee – prices and models continue to change, improve and expand.
The above prices are aggregated over a number of resellers in South Africa and are subject to change at the discretion of these sellers.
All opinions expressed are that of our own, and not of the manufacturers themselves.