The Most Exotic and Rare Coffee Beans in 2022

The Aquaspresso team loves a good coffee bean. The more exotic and rare, the better. If the inner barista in you is keen to explore different flavour combinations heading into the Festive Season, or perhaps just to impress your in-laws with your knowledge on the subject, this guide is for you. The rare coffee beans on this list may be budget busters to some extent (the holidays are a good time to spoil yourself, no?), but they’re also a great talking point for any burgeoning barista in 2022. Let’s dive right in. 

Exclusivity to a Tee

Exotic beans tend to be highly exclusive, rare to track down and incredible to taste. Finding the right types to try requires going into the process with an open mind, as well as setting aside a bit of time to explore your options. It’s not going to be as simple as walking into a store and grabbing the first thing you see. The three options we’re discussing today are great starting points when it comes to the search. Once you’re aware of which is most to your taste, it’s possible to begin looking at similar options by the same producers until you find exactly what works for you. 

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee, is one of the most unique and expensive coffee beans in the world. Native to Indonesia, these beans are produced from Asian palm civets (small animals that eat coffee cherries but can’t break down the beans). Harvested by producers after passing through this cycle, the end result is an excellent tasting coffee bean that’s right in aroma and texture. Many people try to emulate this and there are lots of fakes out on the market, so make sure you insist on a certificate of authenticity before dropping any serious cash to try these beans. 

An action shot of coffee splashing over a plate of cookies, with a jar of beans in the background


Another exotic bean to add to the list is El Salvador Pacamara, the product of many cycles of experimentation dating all the way back to the late 1950’s. These beans create apricot aromas, with a hint of flowers and caramel. A fruity acidy complements its rich creamy body like nothing else. The aftertaste will have you making a second brew in no time. Although difficult to track down, it’s well worth the effort thanks to its ability to ensnare any palette. 

Kenya AA

Africa is renowned for its incredible coffee beans, and Kenya is no exception. Many excellent varieties originate in East Africa, and the Kenya AA is a true testament to their excellence. Within a local context, “A” coffee beans refer to those that are bigger than the average. “AA” refers to the top range, perfectly sized beans. There are many different rare beans to explore within this classification. Expect anything from sweet lemon to grapefruit, with an aftertaste that reminds avid coffee drinks of another popular delight: chocolate. Happy hunting for your first, or next exotic brew. Let us know how it goes!