The Most Popular Water Dispenser Rentals in 2021

If you’ve been delaying getting a water cooler for your home or for the office, 2021 is the year to change that. Not only does having a clean supply of water reap many health benefits for you and the people around you, but it can also be a practical and cost-effective way to make sure you’re not ingesting any harmful chemicals or bacteria as you go about getting your eight glasses each day. Water dispensers are great in this regard, and are even more affordable now than ever thanks to forward thinking companies offering rentals, rather than expecting customers to buy products outright. So which water dispenser rentals take the cake this year? Let’s explore this together. 

Why a Water Dispenser Rental is the Way To Go

Opting for a water dispenser rental naturally has cost-saving implications, as it allows you to spend a smaller amount each month, opening up cashflow for other expenses. This also gives you the chance to try a machine before you buy it, while having direct access to a team that can assist with maintenance, operation and other queries you may have. With a rental, you’re paying for a service and a product, rather than just the product itself. You won’t be left in the lurch, as the company you’re renting from also has a vested interest in the upkeep of the machine for future use. A rental creates collaboration, and opens up a wide array of options for consumers to choose from. 

AquaCooler Desktop Grey

The AquaCooler Desktop Grey is a popular water cooler largely because it is less expensive than it looks. With many options opting for a minimalistic design trend this year, this small desk friendly cooler is mobile and easy to slot into a couple of spaces at the office. It even comes with an optional hot water feature, as well as a child-safe tap, showcasing that its designers thought beyond this machine being a single-use, stationary product. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this water cooler, which was created with cutting edge engineering and technology, in order to provide a working product that is not only innovative in terms of design, but environmentally friendly too. 


The AQA One water cooler is a sleek, modern standing water cooler that boasts an output of almost 5 litres of hot or cold water per hour. Equipped with a built in swappable internal filtration system, this machine does all the hard work behind the scenes without you having to worry about whether the glass of water you’re getting is as clean as it gets. Some users have suggested that this machine would look perfect in an episode of Black Mirror, or a futuristic blockbuster, and it’s hard to disagree with this once you see it in action. With energy efficiency built in, this machine will only set you back around R350 per month as a rental, which is a steal in comparison to what you’re getting. 

AQA Touch

AQA Touch is a revered water dispenser on the market today, primarily because it has an impressive output for a machine of such a compact stature. This bad boy can provide over 25 litres of water at varying temperatures per hour, with each being selected from an innovative touch pad that was designed with user experience in mind. This machine is best suited to stand on a table top, and comes with a removable drip-tray making the cleaning and maintenance process easier than in some competitor models. This is the Rolls Royce of water dispenser rentals, and will set you back around a grand a month if you’re only keen on using the best of the best. 

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