The Perks of Portable vs. Stationary Water Coolers

Deciding on the right kind of water cooler for your home or office can make all the difference when it comes to your monthly budget, your continuous consumption of healthy water, and the overall health benefits to yourself, as well as the other people in the vicinity. How do you decide which water cooler is going to be best, regardless of your needs? This can start with an internet search leaving you overwhelmed and somewhat confused. To mitigate this, we’re going to be covering the different types of water coolers you should be focusing on, as well as the benefits of using either one. We’ll also be pointing you in the right direction regarding any water-related questions you may have.

The Different Types of Water Coolers

Water coolers come in a variety of types, and innovators have been working tirelessly to incorporate new products into a market that not only helps business make more money, but benefits the consumer too. The two types of water coolers you should be looking at as you start this journey, are bottleless vs. bottled water cooler solutions. The former is considered a stationary water cooler, as it needs to be plugged into an existing water source of a building at all times. You may have seen these at the gym, or in some office spaces. Bottled water cooler solutions are portable depending on the size you buy, and can bounce from room to room with relative ease, making them flexible and agile depending on your changing circumstances.

The Perks of a Portable Water Cooler

A bottled water cooler has many perks, the first being the mentioned flexibility in terms of location. They are uncomplicated to use, can be easily stowed and packed away for travel, and some come in smaller sizes that could even fit on a desk next to your laptop. These types also provide a fixed amount of water based on what you end up buying in a given month, so you always know what your bill is going to be, rather than getting a nasty surprise. These types typically also require you to have a good relationship with a water supplier, who not only delivers the bottles to you, but will also handle maintenance, care and any questions you may have. Sounds like a win-win!

The Benefits of a Stationary Water Cooler

Bottleless water coolers, which tend to be kept more stationary as a result of their nature (being linked directly to the water supply), are wonderful for office environments with high staff numbers, where it isn’t practical to depend on a bottled solutions without worrying if you’ll run out of water, which typically happens before any big meeting. These coolers come with more bells and whistles, and will not leave you wondering about the quality of the water you’re drinking. Typically, these machines are more expensive, but they do not require as much maintenance as portable water coolers, albeit that you need someone to monitor month-to-month use, to make sure you’re staying on budget.

Getting Your Hands on Either Water Cooler Types

If both types sound promising to you, you may want to have a chat with the team at Aquazania. They not only provide some of the best product ranges of both types, but also act as a one-stop shop for any water questions you may have, as well as for services related to the maintenance of your machines. Better yet, you don’t have to buy their machines upfront when you use them as your water provider. An innovative idea from some years ago, the team now offers water cooler rentals, which not only help personal and small business buyers with cashflow, but also give users the chance to explore different types of machines before commiting to a purchase. It’s never been easier to get an effective, affordable water cooler solution for your home or office than it is now.

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