The Pros and Cons of Owning a Home Water Cooler

Water coolers have notoriously been known as an office accessory, typically found close to the reception area of a business and known in popular culture as being a “gossip spot” in the office. In 2020, times are changing fast and water coolers are popular features at home, especially in light of the recent global health challenges faced by countries of all shapes and sizes. So what are the benefits of having a water cooler at home, and what are some of the drawbacks you can expect?

Breaking the Stereotype Around Water Coolers

First things first. As with so many things, water coolers are also not what they are portrayed to be in Hollywood movies. In reality, they are a source of good health, and a way for employers to showcase that they are serious about the wellbeing of their employees. Times are changing fast, especially with the unforeseeable move to work from home policies in the wake of COVID-19. This has meant that people need to take their own steps to ensure they’re getting access to office basics like machine coffee, clean water and more. As more homes become makeshift offices for the foreseeable future, these items are creeping into home spaces, especially if lockdown restrictions are in place. 

The Benefits of Owning a Home Water Cooler

By owning a water cooler for home, the most important consideration is that you have quality control over the water you (and your family) are consuming on a daily basis. Water coolers provide 99.9% clean water, unlike the russian roulette you play each time you open the tap. A water cooler, especially if it is a bottled solution, also ensures you have access to drinking water in the event of “water shedding” or maintenance outings. Similarly, if you have a bottled solution, you can track usage more practically and adjust your budget accordingly based on how much the family typically consumes in a given month. 

The Drawbacks of Owning a Home Water Cooler

As with anything, the flipside should also be kept in mind. When you own a water cooler for home, you have to keep in mind that maintenance and repair of the machine are going to be your problem (unlike the case when it’s at the office). Luckily, working with a reputable company makes this fairly uncomplicated. You should also factor in that it requires a share of maintenance in terms of managing the process of organising replacement bottles, which can also become an expensive process if you have a large family in lockdown. Bottleless solutions need filter replacements, and they are not independent to the main supply, so government “water shedding” still applies.

If You Have Any Question About a Home Water Cooler

Owning a home water cooler comes with a benefit that trumps all, namely, the ability for you to ensure that you are drinking a clean glass of water every time. In a time when the focus on personal health and hygiene is amplified, and things are relatively uncertain across the board, having one less thing to worry about makes a world of difference. If you’ve still got some questions about getting your hands on a home water cooler, or you’re unsure of which type would be best for you, checking in with Aquazania will help. With over 50 years of experience, they’re not known as industry leaders without good reason. 

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