The Smarter Choice: Buying vs. Renting a Water Cooler in 2021

If you’re thinking about adding a water cooler to your collection at home or the office, you may have a practical decision to make first: buy, or rent? Going in to 2021, more people are utilising both, especially as the demand for water coolers increases amid the changes in the working landscape brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. So what are the key differences between the two, and which is going to suit you better?


Why Water Coolers Will Be All The Rage in 2021

Items that promote better health are seeing an upward trend in demand, especially as more people start to take their day-to-day wellbeing more seriously thanks to the rapid rise and spread of the coronavirus. This has meant that items like hand sanitizers and soap are flying off shelves, but people are also starting to think more about their overall health. Another practical consideration that accounts for the increase in demand is the fact that more people are being forced to work from home, which means they don’t have access to coffee machines, water coolers and other household items. This has resulted in makeshift office spaces at home, now being furnished with these types of comforts especially if it looks like working remotely will become a more permanent feature in future. 

Why Buying a Water Cooler Makes Perfect Sense

There are specific perks to buying a water cooler outright, including ensuring that you get a new machine out of the box, allowing you to benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty, and not having to put additional payments towards the cooler over time, as you would need to do for a rental. The machine can be installed in one swoop, and the rest is history. Depending on the type of cooler you buy (bottleless or bottled), you’ll still have contact with the supplier and naturally, the manufacturer is on call as well. Any problems with the machine, you’ll have everything you need to get it resolved, or even in the unlikely case of a manufacturing fault, a replacement will be on its way in no time. 

Why a Water Cooler Rental Makes Life Easier

The other option to look at, is to consider going with a reputable supplier for a monthly rental of a water cooler. This option allows you to pay monthly parcels (often way less than the price of the machine), and while not owning the machine outright, you still get to use it as if you had bought it. This type of agreement also gives you more direct contact with the supplier, who can help with ordering new bottles, maintenance and any other service considerations. A rental is easier on the pockets, allows you to trade out older models for newer ones as they hit the market, and generally gives you more freedom of choice to try a few options before you settle on a single machine. 

Whichever Way You Go, You’ll Need a Reputable Supplier

Whether you’re buying or renting a water cooler, one thing stays the same. You’ll need a supplier you can bank on, and preferably one that is on the pulse of the latest advancements in the industry. Aquazania has a rich history as one of the best suppliers of water coolers in South Africa, offering purchase or rental options of some of the most sought after products on the market today. Better yet, it won’t break the bank, even in a post-COVID economic climate. Chat to them about your needs, and hopefully they’ll be able to meet you somewhere in the middle.

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