The Top 5 Bottled Water Suppliers in 2020

In 2020, knowing where to get the best bottled water in South Africa can be very helpful to your business. If you’ve been thinking about changing your bulk supplier, or you’re a first time bottled water buyer, it pays to do your research, and to explore the best options to buy from in terms of quality and price. Buying in bulk will always save you a little bit of cash, so do your best to set your budget for the year upfront, which may well give you access to even better dealers from the suppliers. Go armed with the knowledge that you’re exploring a few quotes, and you’re likely to find a deal from one of the Top 5 suppliers we’ve highlighted on our list.

5. Designer Water

First on our list, is decade old brand called Designer Water. After hearing a talk by Tony Robbins in 2010, their CEO got the idea to start up a water company that would have the health of consumers front of mind. Alkaline, hydrogen rich water came with a “designer label” and the rest, as they say, is history. There was an immediate spike of consumers, thanks in part to an increase in businesses promoting wellness, as well as the rise in communities starting to educate themselves about healthier lifestyle choices. 

4. Aqua.v

Aqua.v is a new entrant on our list this year, primarily because they offer something unique. Their 300ml bottles are delivered in wooden crates (cue nostalgic music for the days when milk was delivered this way) and are fully returnable after you’ve used them. Great value for money is one thing, but being eco friendly amplifies this product (and the brand as a whole) as a force to be reckoned with. 

3. 62 Waters

62 Waters was launched back in December of 2009, as a partnership between The Waterman and NFPC. With 70 years of combined experience, it’s no surprise that they are still supplying bottled water to consumers and businesses eleven years later. While the brand is not as widely known as some of the others on the list, they are right up there when it comes to service delivery, creating a quality product that will leave you satisfied regardless of your individual needs. 

2. aQuellé

Coming in at #2 on our list, is the popular water brand aQuellé. Established back in 1997 in the heart of KZN, the brand name comes from a collective of Latin and German, referring to water and “spring”. These days, the brand offers over ten refreshing flavours, largely in part to a gigantic bottling plant. Attention to detail when it comes to packaging is impeccable here, and if you contact them directly about a bulk order, the price may just be right as well. 

1. Aquazania

While not a part of their core business, it doesn’t mean that Aquazania doesn’t do one hell of a job of providing high quality bottled water to consumers around the country. What impressed us the most was the variety of options to choose from, ranging anywhere from 330ml to 1.5L. Quality tested and consistently improved to provide the most purified water you can get, Aquazania is well known for being a high quality water supplier, hence why they have topped our list for the best bottled water suppliers you can depend on in 2020. 

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