Tips And Tricks For Using Your Automatic Coffee Machine

Tips and Tricks for Using an Automatic Coffee Maker

Even though the machine is completely automated, some instructions for using it will ensure you get a pipeline hot mug of great coffee every time. The following is a list of helpful hints and suggestions for making great coffee with an automatic coffee maker 

Clean the Machine Regularly

Maintaining the quality of your coffee requires that you clean and descale your machine regularly. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any buildup of residue that could compromise the taste of your coffee if you didn’t clean your machine. 

Use Fresh Coffee Beans

Start with high-quality, lately roasted coffee beans. Beans that is ground just before brewing will give you an unbeatable flavor. Avoid pre-ground coffee if possible, as it can lose its aroma and taste relatively quickly

Proper Coffee-To-Water Ratio

Use the right coffee-to-water ratio for the type of coffee you are brewing. A common rule of thumb is using around 1 to 2 soup spoons of coffee grounds for every 180 ml of water.  Adjust the ratio based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Use the Right Grind Size

Different brewing styles bear different grind sizes. For automatic coffee makers, a medium grind is generally suitable, suggesting the texture of a table swab. Adjust your grind size according to your machine’s grinding method.

Use Filtered Water

Use filtered water, if possible, as tap water with contaminants or strong mineral flavors can affect the taste of your coffee. Fresh, clean water will help punctuate the coffee’s flavors. 

Preheat Your Coffee Maker

Some machines bear a preheating cycle to ensure the water reaches the optimal brewing temperature. Check with your machine to ensure this is necessary.

Trial with Brew Strength

Most automatic coffee makers allow you to acclimate the strength of your pop; trial with different settings to find the strength that suits your taste preferences.

Avoid Disturbing the Pop Process

Once the brewing process has started, avoid moving or squeezing the machine. This could lead to uneven resets and affect the quality of your coffee. 

Enjoy instantly

Coffee tastes best when it’s readily brewed. Try to enjoy your coffee as soon as it’s ready to save its flavour and aroma.

Regular maintenance 

In addition to cleaning, perform regular checks according to your machine’s instructions. This includes changing filters, checking for wear and tear and gash, and making sure all chambers are performing rightly. You can instead get a rent coffee machine that will fit your use instead of buying to avoid all the regular maintenance.


Brewing a perfect coffee with your bean to cup coffee maker: use fresh beans, proper ratios, clean regularly, and enjoy the customizable flavours of your hot cup. Aquaspresso provides a wide variety of automatic bean to cup coffee machines for rent and purchase. Following the above tips and tricks guarantees one a delicious hot cup every time from these machines from Aquaspresso. In addition to giving you a fresh cup, these machines guarantee you efficiency and save time making coffee. They use fresh coffee beans which may be cheaper and more original than processed coffee.