Top Purified Water Machines in 2020

Getting your hands on a new purified water machine has never been as easy as it is in 2020. More commonly referred to as water coolers, these machines are specifically designed to produce purified water to people in a personal capacity at home, as well as for businesses and commercial entities in office spaces across the country. Water coolers typically come in bottled and bottleless variants, the former which does not require a direct link to the main water line in the building, and the latter which does. Both of these types come with their own pros and cons to consider, including maintenance and budgetary considerations. Today, we’ve highlighted the two best of each kind on the market this year, in order to help make it even more easy to get your hands on a high quality product as soon as possible. 

The Increase in Demand For Purified Water in 2020

We can’t talk about the best products on the market without addressing two of the biggest factors which have increased the demand for purified water in 2020. The first is the fact that people are taking their health and wellbeing more seriously in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning they are looking for additional avenues to ensure they are looking after their health and immune systems over and above just taking precautions against the virus. Secondly, some municipalities in South Africa have issued water cuts (or “water shedding”) in recent months, leaving a lot of households without a water supply for hours on end. A bottled water solution, containing purified water of course, is one of the best ways to have a backup at home or at the office, while simultaneously ensuring that you’re drinking high quality water that is great for your health as well. 

The Best of the Bottled Range: AQA Cooler 

When it comes to the best bottled purified water cooler on the market, you can’t go wrong with a classic option that has been a bestseller since it was first introduced. The AQA Cooler is equipped with all the features you need to have access to clean glass of hot or cold water at the touch of your fingertips. This cooler also contains non-plastic stainless steel reservoirs, which preserve the taste of the water over time, as well as an environmentally friendly cooling system that has been designed with sustainability in mind. Hygienic and easy to clean and maintain, the AQA Cooler is a winner if you’re looking for a cooler that will always have purified water on tap whenever you need it.

The Best of the Bottleless Range: AQA One

In terms of a bottleless alternative, the way to go if you’re keen on a reliable purified water cooler is the AQA One. Reliable to a tee, this machine is known for its efficiency and its cost effectiveness. The AQA One boasts an impressive output of 4.5 litres of cold or hot water per hour, and is equipped with childproof taps in case you have little ones at home. If you’re looking to make it a little more personalised, perhaps to fit into your design aesthetic in the space you will be keeping it in, it also comes with an option to be fitted with a custom designed stand. As energy efficient as its bottled counterpart we mentioned earlier, this machine is also bankable as a sustainable choice in a world where this is growing increasingly more important each day. 

Getting a High Quality Purified Water Machine

Aquazania has supplied purified water coolers to over 20 000 customers across offices, homes, restaurants and more, each of which has been specifically tailored to the individual needs of the customer. This has included making sure they have access to the best products on the market, which has often included the machines on the list today. The AQA One and AQA Cooler are available for purchase or rental in the South African market. The company is also on the pulse of the latest product releases and will be the first to tell you about the newest machines that are set to hit the market in 2021 and beyond.

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