Top Water Filter Systems For Homes in 2020

There’s never been a better time to guarantee the quality of the tap water in your home. In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown and more people working from home, a lot of people are dependent on their water at home as a primary source, which is a change from being in the office environment each day. This makes it all the more important to ensure that you have healthy, clean water to drink at home, to protect yourself, as well as the rest of your family. If you’re looking to make a quick purchase of a filter system for your home this year, we’ve gone and done some digging for you, in order to help you on your way. 

Why a Water Filter System Is Good For Your Home

A water filter system is a great idea for your home regardless of whether you live on your own, or if you have a big family. You can never guarantee the quality of water coming from the taps, and even if you ask the municipality about it you often get contradicting stories. That is why investing in a water filter system is a great move, considering it gives you peace of mind about each glass you pour. That said, you may wish to speak to an expert about any specific needs, or have a few questions about installing a filter system. A company like Aquazania is a good place to start. Let’s dive into some of the filter systems you could explore for your home this year. 

Midea 5 Stage Water Filtration System

The Midea complete water filtration system offers five stage filtration through reverse osmosis, one of the most common filtration practices in the industry today. The machine works to maximise chlorine reduction and operates with minimal noise, which is an added bonus. You’ll need to have this one personally installed, and also remember that the filters will need to be replaced as per a specific cycle issued by the manufacturer. Usually, this happens at around 4-6 months for the first time, and there are a few additional stages for you to consider down the line. If you run into any problems, the two year warranty will have you covered. Typically retailing at around R3000.00, online specials have this one down to R1999.00 as per our last glance.

FilterShop Triple Under The Counter System

The Filtershop Triple Under The Counter System does as it suggests, with easy installation and with even easier maintenance. The system is specifically designed to remove sediment, rust, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances from your water supply. Better yet, it inhibits the growth of bacteria through its processes too. Better yet, it doesn’t require any electricity, which can be a blessing during load shedding times. Retailing for under R2000.00, this is a great system for a first time user, especially if you’re not looking for something overly complex and you don’t have the need for a large output each day. 

Aqua Heart Wholehouse Water Filtration System

The Aqua Heart Water Filtration System is designed in a way to filter sediments and remove odor from water. The system does this through two sediment filters, as well as an activated carbon one.  Offering up to 2000L per hour, this machine is stronger than it suggests, and can be used for households with a larger-than-usual monthly consumption. Coming in at R1815.00, you’ll struggle to find a better deal than this one no matter where you look. Here’s to your next glass of water being a filtered one!

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