Coffee Vending Machine Prices

Vending Machine Prices: The Cost of Vending Machines in South Africa Explained

The vending machine business has been described as one of the fastest growing business in the U.S. due to a selection of new low cost vending machine prices. Vending machine companies used to supply the basic snack and can vending options but today vending machines include

  • Pizza Vending Machines
  • Health Vending Machines
  • Electronic Vending Machines
  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Cigarette Vending Machines

And the list goes on and on. The South African Vending machine market consists primarily of the 2 main vending types; Snack, cool drink and coffee but healthy vending machines are on the rise as South Africans are concerned more and more with their health.

Each vending company has their own unique costs and pricing but the majority of snack and cool drink vending machines are charged in 1 of 3 ways:

1)      No Rental, Free Placement Vending Machines – Vending companies supply vending machines for free (usually only snack and cool drink) when offices have in excess of 150 people. The vending company will then manage and stock the machine for you, as well as collect the money from purchases. This is great if you are the company as your staff have the convenience of a vending machine and all the products within and your company bears none of the costs and none of the hassle

2)      Small rental with replenishment: For companies less than 150 people but more than 70 people can get the same service and arrangement as with the free placement option except usually a small rental is charged in addition. This rental is to make up for the fact the employee purchases alone do not warrant in enough of a profit to warrant the vending machine company putting down the machine at no charge. Rental prices usually range between R450 –R800

3)      Full rental and no replenishment: For companies less than 70 people, vending companies usually only offer the machine on a rental or outright purchase but the company renting the machine then needs to stock the machine itself. The pro of this is that the company renting the machine can benefit from the cash in the machine but the downside is that there is not the convenience like in the other 2 options above

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