Vending Machines for Sale In South Africa

Vending Machines For Sale,Lease and Rental in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular destinations, when it comes to vending machines of all types. Coffee vending machines are popular in companies due to their control of product usage and prevention of theft. Cigarette vending machines are hugely popular in many public spaces due to the low sin tax imposed in South Africa compared to other places in the world, making South Africa one of the cheapest places worldwide to buy cigarettes and snack and can vending machines are popular because of the general populations lack of private transport making it difficult for most people to travel away form work during the course of the day. South Africa is, for all these reasons, a vending machine haven.
Where there is a big market, comes a lot of options and competition and therefore there are no shortage of companies from whom vending machines are for sale. The vending association of South Africa (VASA – is a non-profit agency designed to govern the South African vending industry and ensure consumers and businesses alike deal only with reputable and tried and tested vending providers.
Although we would love to service everyone, you might find there are other companies who better suit your needs and therefore we have compiled a list of companies from who you can buy, rent or lease vending machines of all types throughout Southern Africa.

Coffee and Tea Vending Machines:coffee vending for sale

Coffee Vending machines consist of free vend coffee and tea vending machines as well as coin-operated vending machines. Coffee companies don’t typically provide a full service offering where they place machines for free and collect the money which the machines generate, but many of them do still maintain and service the coffee machines for you. What you do with the money is up to you. Here is a list of some of the top vending companies in the industry.
Coffee Solutions: Based in Cape Town, Coffee Solutions is an agent for Ciro and also rents and leases many of their own Bianchi vending machines.
Italian Lifestyle: Italian lifestyle has offices around the country including (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth) They sell Saeco made vending machines only.
Frontier Coffee: Rent, Leases and Sells machines. They offer coin operated and non coin-operated versions
Top Vending: Top vending rents, leases and sells everything including coffee machines. They import the Azkoyen range of machines which are ideally suited for large offices.
Nestle: Nescafe vending machines are famous for their original Lioness vending machine. Nestle now only rents the Nescafe Milano and Alegria vending machines produced by Rheavendor.

Snack and Can Machines:snack vending

We have listed snack and can vending machines in the same category as it is almost always that you find the two combined. You can get table top snack vending machines overseas, but in South Africa all the vending machines are floor standing units. This means they have larger capacity but are also a bit more expensive. There are many companies which provide full vending services when it comes to snack and can vending. This full service entails placing the machine, usually for free, and refilling and stocking your vending machines for you. This is a great solution if you want to feed your staff without having them run to the shops and missing valuable work time. The following are the leading players in this industry in S.A.
Vendco: Sell, rent and lease all their vending machines. They specialise in the free placement of their machines at companies of over 150 people.
LIT vending: LIT provide a similar service to Vendco and are probably their closest competitors.
Top Vending: Top vending also operate in this vending field as well as cigarette vending and coffee vending. Top Vending are one of the oldest vending operators in South Africa.
Vendtech: Ventech were the specialists in large office vending but have now separated their company into a number of different parts.

Miscellaneous Vending Operators:chip vending

The traditional vending industries are coffee, snack, can and cigarette but today one can find a vending machine for almost anything. There are vending machines currently active in South Africa for Popcorn, Laundry, Hot Food, Cold Food, Freshly squeezed orange juice and the list goes on and on.
Here is a list of some of the crazier vending suppliers:
Eden Vending Solutions: Eden Vending sells Slush and popcorn machines in East London. They are alone in their industry which surprisingly enough is growing by the day.
EeziCall: EeziCall operate a number of internet vending machines. Internet vending is a relatively big industry in South Africa, where Wi-Fi is often not free.
Special Products and Technologies: They place a number of DVD vending machines at high traffic locations such as petrol stations. One can either subscribe or pay per DVD at a higher price.


The Vending Machine Industry is growing by the day worldwide as we move to a world of automation. South Africa, although relatively small in size, compared to the more developed countries like the U.S. and U.K. is a massive market for vending machines of all types. There are over 100 companies in South Africa who sell vending machines and the best place to start when looking for a vending machine is usually VASA.
To view the pricing of our vending machines (We only do coffee vending machines at this stage) please click on our vending pricelist here.