Vending Sugar vs. Regular Sugar: What’s the Difference?

If you’re a restaurant or hotel manager, and you’ve been wondering about all the ways that you could make your operations more efficient, thinking about the sugar your use in your supply chain could be one way to make a subtle but important change. While vending sugar might not be as popular as traditional sugar — mostly because it is specifically designed to be used in vending machines — it has become a great alternative for chains to explore thanks to its cost-cutting potential. When it comes to consistency, physical properties and other practical considerations, there are a couple of notable differences between vending sugar and regular sugar. Knowing these can help businesses to make an informed decision, before deciding if a switch will benefit them or not. 


Vending sugar has one distinct difference to regular sugar, related to its consistency. Vending sugar is significantly more fine than traditional sugar, mostly because it has to be able to flow smoothly through the cogs of the machine. Blockages can put vending machines out of order indefinitely. Vending sugar has a consistency somewhere between caster sugar and regular sugar. It dissolves much quicker than regular sugar, which means that the customer doesn’t have to stir as extensively to get that specific sweet taste that they’re looking for. 

Aesthetic Differences

In terms of the way they look, vending and regular sugar don’t differ as much as you may think. Both are commonly sold in white form, and although it may seem obvious to some that there should be distinct visual differences based on their composition, it can be difficult for the average consumer to spot the differences between them. For that reason, the wrong sugar has ended up in vending machines before, and vice versa. Whenever you’re on the market for a bag of sugar, always make sure that you read the label carefully to ensure you’re buying exactly what you’re looking for. 

Brown sugar, white sugar and cocoa powder in spoons.

Practical Use

Regular sugar can be used pretty much everywhere, except in vending machines. This is very important, and something that any reputable vending machine maintenance man will tell you has led to the breakdown of countless machines across the food services industry. Although regular sugar is practical and can be stored easily, because of its composition it is more likely to form clumps, especially near some of the coastal towns in South Africa. These clumps are exactly the reason why they end up breaking vending machines, and why vending sugar is the only type of sugar you can ever put into a machine, no matter how technologically advanced it may seem. 

Where To Buy Vending Sugar Online

Regular sugar can be found in grocery stores across the country. Vending sugar from the big names in the industry also isn’t in short supply, but if you’re looking for a high quality product at an affordable price, Aquaspresso is a good place to start your search. A 4kg packet will set you back R230, and it will be hard to beat this kind of price, especially when retail markups are factored in. While you’re at it, check out Aquaspresso’s incredible line of coffee machines, including a vending machine that is available for rent, or buy.