Waeco Fridge vs Jura Cool Control – Who’s Better at Keeping it Chilled?

Waeco Fridge vs Jura Cool Control – Who’s Better at Keeping it Chilled?

Using an automatic coffee machine is undeniably one of the best investments a company can make; you have access to restaurant-quality coffee’s and milk-based coffee drinks, such as cappuccino’s and latte’s at the literal touch of a button. The one downside to using an automatic fresh-milk coffee machine is typically the milk storage. The machine itself sits beautifully perched in your office, and then is ruined by the looks of a milk carton or glass jar haphazardly placed next to it for the fresh milk supply.

Alas, there is a way out! With the simply addition of a milk chilling device, such as a temperature-controlled container, will not only improve the overall looks of the machine with a milk holder, it will also keep the milk chilled – meaning no spoiled, soured milk accidentally being cycled through your milk system.

We compare the two most popular types of temperature-controlled milk storage systems the Waeco Fridge and the Jura cool control – to see which wins the battled here.


Waeco Fridge Review

“The Waeco Milk Cooler is a surprisingly ingenious machine. From the outside it looks just like a small milk fridge for storing milk. However if you look closer you will see a small hole in the side. Simply run the 40cm tube from the milk container inside to your coffee machine, for fresh cold milk, ready to be frothed and served.

  • Cooling performance up to 20°C below ambient temperatures, temperature limited at +1°C
  • Non-wearing thermoelectric for long service life
  • High-performance fan for continuous operation
  • Interior lighting
  • Space for 2 x 1 litre milk cartons
  • Supplied complete with 40 cm milk tube
  • Sealable tube outlets in both side walls for extra flexibility

Thanks to coffeeandtea.co.za for this review!


Jura Cool Control Review

Silky, airy milk foam and hot milk for hip specialty coffees come out perfectly when the milk is kept fresh at 4°C prior to heating and frothing.

The Cool Control cools the milk to as much as 25° below the ambient temperature. Once the temperature reaches 4°C, it is maintained constantly within the optimum range. The Cool Control now comes with an energy-saving automatic switch-off function. When the stainless steel container is removed, the cooling function is automatically deactivated.


The high-quality stainless steel container holds 1 litre. With its bayonet lock, it is easy to remove, open, fill, store in the refrigerator as needed, and clean in the dishwasher.


In comparison, we can see there are some major differences between the two milk cooling systems. The Waeco stores milk at 20 degree below ambient, and the Cool Control stores it as far as 25 degrees below. The storage capacity is also double in the Waeco system, storing two litres, whereas the cool control stores only one litre of milk.

In terms of pricing, they are almost exactly the same cost. So the choice is yours 🙂


Which of these two milk storage and cooling systems is your favourite?