Water Dispenser Comparison: Oasis Water vs. Aquazania

Aquazania and Oasis Water are two of the most reputable companies in the industry in South Africa, each with a long history of providing customers from all over the country with water solutions designed to help facilitate a happier and healthier way of life. When it comes to their water dispensers, both are naturally competitive with each other. So which company provides the best options for businesses and individuals, and what are the key differences to keep in mind? Today, we’ll touch on this, as well as referencing the importance of water dispensers this year, especially so in the wake of the onset of COVID-19 and the unforeseen circumstances it triggered for individuals and businesses across the board. 

The Significance of Water Dispensers in 2020

With businesses opening back up again as lockdown restrictions are gradually eased and life begins to return to a “new normal”, many companies are thinking of all the ways they can continue to keep all levels of their production line happy and healthy. In some office spaces, stringent policies for health are being introduced, and it is expected that the government will continue to issue regulations as we enter various stages of life in a post-pandemic world. Being healthy on an individual level requires starting with the basics, including considering what you’re putting into your body each day. If you’ve been banking on tap water to see you and your immune system through, it’s time to give that a rethink. Water dispensers can be a great way to ensure that you’re consuming a clean and safe glass of water with every sip. 

The Aquazania Promise

Aqauazania offers a range of 10 different water dispensers to choose from in their catalogue, split evenly between bottled and bottleless solutions. Having serviced thousands of customers around South Africa over the last few decades, their team has refined their product selection to reflect the best options available for consumers irrespective of budgetary constraints. Providing high quality purified water is the “name of the game” for the company, while also boasting about their ability to provide customers with innovative design and feature improvements for their dispensers to remain relevant in a tech driven world. As far as their dispensers go, the proof is in the pudding, and the AQA One still takes the cake as a dispenser with the best overall value in 2020. 

The Oasis Water Dispenser Range

Oasis Water is also renowned for their water products, and their ability to bring quality water to customers across all of their franchises around the world. In taking a closer look at their dispenser options, they primarily have two choices for consumers to decide between: one is a bottom loading dispenser, and the other a top loading dispenser. In a different move to Aquazania, Oasis Water only offers bottled water coolers and have not ventured into the bottleless range. Undoubtedly still providing a great quality product, the machines they do offer are tried and tested and guaranteed to meet your needs if you’re after an entry level dispenser with limited bells and whistles. 

Additional Factors When Deciding Between The Two

Considerations around Aquazania offering 5x more dispenser options than Oasis Water aside, there are two other factors which also lean in the favour of the former. Oasis Water does not offer water dispenser purchases online (only in store), which is somewhat of a hindrance in a landscape where shops are unable to open due to COVID-19 restrictions. Aquazania has continued to service their customers online during this time, while also making all their products available for online purchasing. More importantly, Aquazania offers purchase and rental options of their water dispensers, ultimately allowing them to reach customers even if their pockets are somewhat tighter in a tough economic landscape. Oasis Water offers purchases only, and have not dabbled in the rental market. Keeping these considerations in mind, Aquazania offers a better value proposition for customers, all the while remaining versatile enough in their offering to best serve the people who are most important to them: their customers. 

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