Water Dispenser Refill Process – Explained

If you’re the proud owner of a bottled water dispenser at home, or in charge of maintaining the one at the office, you may be wondering how to go about refilling the water dispense. Many people are somewhat intimidated by doing so, not only because they think the bottle is heavy, but they worry about spilling or doing it wrong, and messing with the operation of the cooler. We’re here to tell you that the process is as simple as two small steps, and to reassure you that it is easier than you think it is.


Step 1: Peel The Seal

If you’re working with a bottom loading water dispenser, as is the case with most conventional bottled water coolers, you’ll notice that the dispenser comes with a cap and hose that fit over the top of the bottle, likely extending down to the bottom. The first step is to peel the seal off the top of the bottle, and then to fit the cap over it. By doing this simple step in the matter of a few seconds, you’re halfway there already.


Step 2: Gently Sliding The Bottle Over


Once you’ve done step one, the next step is to turn the bottle in a way that you can slide it into the base of the water cooler, allowing the pressure from the water to work its way into the system as a whole. Wait a couple of seconds for the bottle to settle, and then do a test run to see if all the nozzles are working. Voila!

The Other Choice: Bottleless Water Dispensers

While the refill process for a bottled water cooler is fairly simple, if you’re someone who struggles with picking up large objects, or you have back problems, there is another option you can consider. A bottleless water dispenser is exactly what you think it is – something offering the same purified water, but without the hassle of refills. These machines tap directly into the main water line of the building, which has its perks and is a viable option to consider if you know that a bottled solution might not be practical, especially as you get older. Be mindful that bottleless dispensers are subject to “water shedding” when the main line is switched off, so always have some backup purified water in your fridge on hand.

Getting Your Water Needs Met at Home or the Office

Whether you’re a bottled water cooler owner needing help with the refill process, or someone looking to go the bottleless way in future, having a reputable supplier to talk to can make a world of difference. Water companies like Aquazania go above and beyond to help their customers, servicing homes and offices around South Africa all year round. They offer purchase and rental options, meaning that you have more than one option before swiping your card. Few other companies offer the same, while also putting the needs of their clients first at all times. Here’s to you easily finding the best possible solution to slot into your existing circumstances.

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