Water Security: Is Bottled Water the Future for South Africa?

A see-through earth meant to symbolize the water scarcity problem around the world

In the wake of climate change, water security is a major concern for countries all over the world. With water disruptions and shortages being fairly common in South Africa, locals have long been wondering about what the future may hold. Some have ventured an idea that bottled water might be the future. Others have argued that countries will need to tap into other resources in order to provide safe, clean drinking water to the population. Today, we’ll dig into this topic a little further. 

What is Water Security?

Water security refers to the reliable availability of water in a country. Importantly, this water has to be of an acceptable quality and quantity to promote good health, secure living and be able to meet the demands of the local economy. If it seems like a big ask in countries with millions of people, it is. We need water to survive, and without an active supply that can be trusted, quality of life can be seriously compromised. Many governments prioritise water security in their broader agendas, mostly because it is one of the first things that citizens will complain about when it isn’t available. 

Water in the South African Context

It’s no secret that South Africa has been plagued by drought over the years. Cape Town suffered from water shortages just a couple of years ago, which almost reached a point of middle class people having to collect water from specific well points at the time. Because water supply directly affects South Africa’s economic development, the fact that it is a scarce resource has many people very worried. Climate change might create additional water shortages as soon as 2030 if reliable alternatives aren’t brought in. With technology changing so rapidly, there is hope for practical options to increase water security around the country. 

Can Bottled Water Make a Difference?

The bottled water industry is a multi-million rand operation in South Africa, with middle class people relying on it and other similar purified water sources for peace of mind around the quality of the water supply they are drinking. Would we go as far as to say that this type of water is the future for South Africa? Perhaps not as definitively. It can however help to bridge the gap in times of water disruptions, help to keep households safe from water borne bacteria and viruses, and the development of new purifying processes might even be a help in the wider supply being more readily consumable to people from all walks of life. 

Clean Bottled Water You Can Depend On

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