Water Softeners vs. Water Filters: Which is Best for You?

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When it comes to introducing purified drinking water in your home, there are a couple of bankable options to explore. Water softeners and water filters are two of the most common ways to have sparkling clean water with every glass. But which is actually the better of the two? This largely comes down to your own needs, so we’re here to present the facts to help you make an informed decision. The end result remains the same: peace of mind that your family is consuming a healthy option without needing to rely on how clean the tap water is in your area. 

What is a Water Softener?

Home water softeners are often referred to as “ion exchange units”. These are designed to remove magnesium, calcium and other minerals from the water, swapping them out for potassium and sodium. This presents many advantages, removing the build-up of minerals and other substances, meaning there is less likelihood of issues with plumbing, or possibility for contamination. That said, you are removing some of the integral minerals from the water in doing so. This means you may have to explore replacing these in healthy doses through a supplement, or a balanced diet. 

The Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration, on the other hand, refers to the process of removing a majority of impurities and dangerous contaminants from the supply. This can include anything from mercury to lead, chlorine and even arsenic. The filter works to retain essential minerals, like the ones mentioned earlier in water softening. This isn’t a guarantee that there will be a balanced amount of these, but in all likelihood a company selling purified water will have gone through rounds of testing to ensure that this is the case. Ask about this upfront, and choose your supplier wisely when going this route.

A kitchen equipped with a built-in water filter

The Harmful Contaminants Test

A great water purification system should always pass the harmful contaminants test. If this is what you’re after, a water filter is a better way to go. The key to getting this right is to introduce high-quality options through the entire supply at home, rather than just targeting specific areas. Remember that most filters don’t remove all contaminants, as this isn’t possible. The better ones tackle up to 99% of them though. Depending on what you’re hoping for in terms of an end result, water filtration may be the better bet than softening. Decide on the intention upfront, and go from there.

Getting Answers to Your Water Related Questions

At Aquazania, we pride ourselves in having years of experience when it comes to providing purified water solutions to homes and offices around the country. Our multi-stage filtration process is designed to remove as many contaminants as possible, providing a clean and safe glass of drinking water every time. If you’ve got any questions about water coolers, or simply want answers to specific questions before deciding on the best solution in your home, we’re happy to be of service. Reach out to one of our team members today – we look forward to assisting you.

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