What Affects Coffee Machine Prices? Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price Influencers

What Affects Coffee Machine Prices? Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price Influencers

We know that any commodity, piece of machinery or anything with some sort of monetary value can change in “worth” overnight. Watching the 07:00 news you see how the stock markets dip and climb every single day; why? Their value changes on many affecting aspects. It’s the same with a coffee machine – granted – it’s not nearly half as complicated. But Coffee Machine prices surely affect the majority of us more often than the Dow does 🙂 We discuss Bean to Cup Coffee Machine price influencers.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price: Influencer #1 – Brand

This may be blatantly obvious to some of our readers, but it needs to be mentioned. A Bean to Cup Coffee Machine that is available at your every day retail store is never going to measure up to an imported (or even locally manufactured) specialist machine. Branding can mean the difference between three 0’s and five 0’s in your coffee machine price. It’s also important to remember that brand names don’t always equate directly to quality. Reputation is far more important – so ask around, research some good brands and look for customer testimonials on your preferred supplier’s website for hints on the real quality of the brand you like. Keep in mind the extra costs associated with imported products and how that can affect your pricing.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price: Influencer #2 – Materials Used

This element of price influencing ties in directly with branding. Inferior materials are often used in lesser known brands, of mass manufactured machines. This is a huge cost-cutting opportunity for the manufacturers and the saving can be passed on to you. Items such as hoppers or cannisters, milk frother’s and grinders can be made from plastic (as opposed to stainless steel etc.) or similar, cheaper materials; this will affect not only your pricing – but the longevity of your machine. Higher grade and harder wearing materials (which cost more) will be able to withstand the wear and tear associated with daily use – as well as the demands needed of a Bean to Cup coffee machine. Shorter lifespans on coffee machines = more purchases, so it makes sense as well that some manufacturers purposely skimp on good quality materials.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price: Influencer #3 – Machine Functionality

While this is a broad topic for Ben to Cup machines, it is still relevant. Some Bean to Cup machines serve the sole purpose of grinding your coffee beans, brewing your grounds and then dispensing either an Espresso or coffee into your cup. Other, more advanced machines (which usually fall into the Automatic Bean to Cup category) will do more than that; they could have built-in or external milk frother’s, temperature settings, aroma / strength adjust-ability settings. Some Bean to Cup machines have touch screen displays and can offer special blends; they can also have memory storage systems to keep track of your favourite brew. Functionality can stem as far as product usage tracking. All thee added features increase your purchase price. Consider which of these functions serve a purpose for you and consider other options accordingly.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Price: Influencer #4 – Guarantee Period

I bet this took you by surprise – didn’t it? You would be amazed at what you see when you look a little deeper. Some Bean to Cup coffee machines can sell for unbelievably low prices – leaving you asking yourself why? Next time you encounter something like this – look at the suppliers guarantee period. Some of them might even have warranty’s in place. Remember that the difference between a guarantee and a warranty is as follows: A guarantee is a promise that a product will live up to it’s expectations of not breaking or defaulting. A warranty is a promise to repair said item, should anything go wrong. Consider what is more important to you – being assured quality, or knowing you have back up should anything happen. Moreover, look at the period of that guarantee / warranty. Is it one month, three months or a year? The longer the duration – the higher the likelihood of your price being higher.


There you have it – the main influencing factors in your Bean to Cup Coffee Machine prices.


Feel free to share your Bean to Cup Coffee machine stories below 🙂