What is Fluoridated Water and is it Safe to Drink?

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On the surface, water might not seem like such a complicated thing. It is an abundant natural resource that has been the lifeblood of humanity since the start of time. A scientist may differ about how complex it is, especially once you break down the many different components that go into creating a clean, safe-to-consume supply to people all over the world. Fluoridated water has been doing the rounds in the media recently. Although it might sound complex, this guide details what it is, which countries it is mandatory in and whether it is safe for consumption at the end of the day. 

What is Fluoridated Water?

The process of water “fluoridation” involves adding fluoride to a water supply. This is done to reach a level of approximately 0.7 milligrams per litre of water. This value is specific and important for one primary reason: it is said to be optimal for preventing tooth decay. Most people drink a lot of water in a given day, and depending on what’s been used in the supply, or simply what has been used in the purification process, there may be a risk of accelerating the potential for damage to teeth and enamel. 

Safety Considerations

Fluoridated water does its trick when teeth are kept strong and cavities are reduced. In some cities in the US, doing so has resulted in a 25% decrease in these numbers. The result is less dentist visits, and more savings for households. In terms of safety considerations, the levels should be closely monitored. The World Health Organisation suggests there may be a problem at high levels, although most research has been based on results from non-human studies. Human testing is expected to accelerate in the years to come. 

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Mandatory Fluoridated Water

In two specific countries, fluoridated water is mandatory in the public drinking supply. Ireland and Singapore (excluding Northern Ireland) requires this to be done for the benefit of their citizens and as part of a broader approach to health prioritisation. Although in the minority, there are signs that others may follow suit, especially as research findings advocate more for fluoride’s use in drinking water. Only time will tell if others will join the cause. For now, these two countries are the sole trailblazers in the space. This may change depending on the medium-term effects on their local populations. 

Guaranteeing Safe Drinking Water

Whether fluoridated water is a priority to you or not, there’s a way to guarantee a safe, healthy glass of water every time. Aquazania is a specialist in the field, with decades of experience providing sparkling fresh water to homes and offices around the country. Our filtration process follows 9 steps to ensure the best possible drinking water on the market today. Get in touch with us to gain access to water that is purer than that found in the most prominent underwater springs in the world. If you have any questions about fluoridated water, we’re happy to answer those for you too.

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