When Coffee Machine Hire Doesn’t Work: Maintenance Issues

When Coffee Machine Hire Doesn’t Work: Maintenance Issues

You love cappuccino and you would dearly want your own cappuccino coffee machine but these machines are expensive. You’ve heard about hiring a coffee machine in South Africa but you’re unsure of all the pitfalls associated with maintenance and repair on these products.

Coffee machine hire is a great solution for thousands of companies and individuals. Not only does it provide you with high quality cappuccino makers at a fraction of the price, but it also ensures that you don’t have to replace your machine if it breaks down.

The most important thing to look out for when looking into coffee machine rental contracts is bad service level agreements – if you are considering cappuccino machine hire, make sure you avoid costly contracts that don’t have your best interests in mind.

Tips to avoid maintenance pitfalls when renting a coffee machine:

  • The company: Be sure to partner with a company that has a solid reputation in the coffee industry. Do research on the internet and obtain feedback from people who have done business with the company you’re considering.
  • Read before you sign: Always read all the legal documents involved before you do business with anyone. This includes the rental contract, terms and conditions, privacy policy and more. Don’t be lazy and agree to these documents without reading them. You can save yourself many annoyances by taking a couple of minutes to find out what you’re agreeing to.Ensure that the contract makes provision for maintenance, repair and any other customer service you may require.
  • The machines provided: When deciding on which company to hire, find out what make and model coffee machines they provide. Do some research on reliability and warranties associated with those machines. Keep in mind that you will likely be provided with a used machine. When the machine is delivered, inspect it properly to ensure that there are no obvious problems. Request a different machine if you find that the newly delivered machine is not in order.
  • Manufacturer warranties: Request a coffee machine that is still under warrantee. Depending on the specific contract, you may have the option of contacting the manufacturer directly when a problem arises with a machine under warrantee. This could save you lots of time. If you hire a machine that was discontinued 5 years ago, you can imagine that it would be a much bigger challenge to have it serviced and repaired.

If you do your homework, coffee machine hire in South Africa can be a satisfying experience.