Where can I buy Coffee Pods? The Best Places to Buy your Favourite Coffee Pods

Where can I buy Coffee Pods? The Best Places to Buy your Favourite Coffee Pods

You lucky fish! You own a capsule machine, you are the envy of your inner circle of friends, and the smell that little machine of awesomeness can permeate even the densest of rooms and atmospheres. Coffee truly transcends the parameters of space and time and – wait. I’ve lost you. I got so caught up in the majesty and magnificence of the capsule machine; I completely forgot to address the topic at hand! This is also exactly what happened when you bought that little beast, and now you want to know the best option for where to buy your pods See, it’s a common problem which people who are in the coffee industry have seen all too often. Let me help you:

What Capsule Coffee Machine matches each capsule? coffee pod matches

It is what it is. Each capsule coffee machine is designed to fit its specific brand’s pods (what we have affectionately dubbed capsules in the coffee business), and sadly not many machines are interchangeable with other suppliers pods. So the first step would definitely be checking which machine you are using, which model (yes, sometimes the same brand’s models capsule-compatibility differs) and then we can move along together. If you are a business owner and looking for cheaper supplier of pods for your office, I’d like to take the liberty of this chance and advise you to perhaps re-assess the feasibility of this machine. Generally, but accurately speaking, your capsule machines can cost exponentially more than your other office-oriented solutions. If this is something you would want to consider, perhaps have a read through some of these:
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Who supplies general Coffee Machine Pods? general coffee pods

So we know that the majority of home coffee capsule machine owners have the readily available Nespresso, whether it is the entry-level Nespresso Inissia, NespressoU, Nespresso Pixie, U Milk, Nespresso Lattissima (my personal favourite) or all the way up to the Gran Maestria, so let’s mention that this will likely be your most easily available capsule. A quick search revealed that these are available at all major supermarkets, like Makro, online outlets like takealot.com,  or even the online store Espresso Shop . You will be blown away to discover their range of coffee pods available, anything from regular Americano – all the way through to Milo and Red Espresso!

Who stocks specialised Coffee Machine Pods? special coffee pod

It may be an instance of an imported and not-yet-renowned machine that you are using, or an older version which is no longer compatible with the updated pods / pods, but you may find yourself in a situation where you are left high and dry by current capsule options, but you want to keep your machine. Fear not, and don’t go throw a perfectly good machine away just yet. Some older machines, as well as rare machines, are often compatible with lesser-known brands. Hereunder I list the brands as well as their most common stockists:

Cagliari Coffee Pods: cagliari coffee pods

This is the only capsule compatible with our currently stocked capsule machines, tailor-made for the Aquaspresso brand. Speaking from experience as well as peer-assessed opinion, these are java-reffic! (We conjured up that name while on a very enjoyable coffee buzz. Read: do no judge us, please). Also, and I beg you not to tell anyone, but Cagliari is offering an initial 15% discount on your first order if you sign up with them here .

Caffé Luxe:  caffe luxe coffee pods

If ever kudos have been well deserved, Caffé Luxe takes first place. Who would’ve even thought about personalised Coffee Pods? Well, they did, and their variety in their offerings is nothing less than spectacular. Don’t believe me? Caffé Caps: by Caffé Luxe. In summary, you take your coffee beans to them (this leaves you with an endless option of combinations and variants to create YOURSELF) and they package it FOR YOU! The only downside is that their pre-cast pods are only compatible with the Nespresso range of machines.

The Tea and Coffee Emporium: tea and coffee emporium coffee pods

As the name would suggest, this is an excellent go-to point for a considerably large variety of brands and blends to suit pretty much every need. Based on the East Rand, this may be your best bet if you are in close proximity.

Coffee Capsules Direct: coffee capsules direct

You can tell a lot by a name, can’t you? Their offering spans the consideration and decision phase of your purchase, as well as brand-span, including ESE pods Lavazza, Verona, Liberty Lungo, Mugg & Bean AND Red Espresso! Pardon me, but I had literally no idea most of these existed. If you want to shop, go right here, but make sure you have a coffee at hand to satisfy your thirst this will create, as well as a credit card with sufficient funds.
Now that you have some new doors opened, feel free to play! Go ahead and explore, and let me know how it goes, because capsule coffee probably excites me more than it should.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to fill out the contact form below and one of our experts will address your questions, concerns or comments.