Where To Buy Big Water Bottles in Johannesburg

Getting your hands on big water bottles, especially those that allow for refills or are supplied by a reputable provider, can be somewhat of a challenge. Many people like to go to supermarkets to buy bulk water supplies, with few aware of how dangerous it can be to store these over an extended period of time, especially in hot conditions. Knowing where to look to find reliable big water bottles that can be reused or traded for new ones is a good starting point if you’re looking to ensure the health and safety of the people around you. So where do you begin to look for big water bottles then? Today, we’ll explore some of the best sources to get quotes from. No need to thank us!

Oasis Water

Oasis Water is known for their diverse range of water solutions. This includes providing an 18.9 litre polycarbonate bottle, which comes standard with their local brand of water as well as a bottle cap. Known for their affordable pricing, the only downside to using them as a supplier is that these bottles are not sold online, and need to be ordered directly from the supplier in the store. This may put a damper on your efforts depending on where you are located, but get in touch with them via their online form if you’re desperate to use their bottles. Their “find a store” feature on the website is easy to use, and will put you on your way to the one nearest to your current location. Alternatively, you both of the other providers on our list do online orders and delivery. 

H2O International

H2O International offers really interesting 10L refillable bottles on their online store, which are perfect for storing and transporting water for holidays, emergencies and even general use. The bottle comes with a carry handle, making it easy to transport, and the tap cap allows for easy dispensing at all times. These bottles are refillable and subsequently, they are very popular among consumers looking for alternative options to traditional store-bought water purchases. While you’re on their website, explore some of their other products too, as you may well also fall in love with some of the unique items they have to give you the best possible water experience. 


If you’ve bought or rented a bottled water cooler from Aquazania, you’re probably already aware that you’re getting great deals on big water bottles, especially if you’re buying them in bulk. Some of their water cooler rentals are free when you buy more than 9 bottles a month, so you can tell why this is an appealing offer to small businesses across the province. If you’re looking to buy additional big water bottles, or if you’re looking to have any of your water needs met, start by getting in touch with them and finding out what they have on offer. You may even end up changing up your water cooler for a new one, or exploring their exciting new rental ranges. 

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