Where To Buy Water Dispenser Bottles in Gauteng

If you’re new to buying purified water, and are looking to optimise your spending on this, it helps to know where to buy water dispenser bottles. Finding a reputable supplier not only gives you access to expert advice, but also gives you the chance to cash in on upcoming deals, or get a better price when placing a bulk order. Today, we’ll dig a little deeper into water dispenser bottles themselves, why utilising their coolers to maximise your bottom line is a great idea, as well as pointing you in the right direction for where to look if you need a supplier in the Gauteng area. 

What is a Water Dispenser Bottle?

Just in case this is your first time exploring buying purified water, we figured it could help to clarify what a water dispenser bottle is. As the name suggests, a water dispenser is a machine, like a water cooler, that dispenses purified water. These can be bottleless (tapped into the primary water source at your location) or bottled, which is where the bottles you have to keep replacing come in. There are a variety of benefits to using either, and bottled solutions require a steady flow of water throughout a given month, often paired with an existing agreement between you and the supplier itself. 

Safety in Numbers

When it comes to getting a water cooler for the office, getting a bottled solution can be a great way to control your bottom line, and to do so with as little physical maintenance as possible. Working with your supplier, you can calculate the amount of water the staff do (and should) consume within a given month, and place your order for once a month to ensure a steady flow at all times. This means you don’t think about it each month, the team knows how much they are allowed to use, and you won’t run into any unforeseen water bills at the end of the month, while having to ask someone on the team to manage the process. 

Maintenance & Effective Management

That said, water dispensers do require maintenance from time to time, and if you run into a problem with a dispenser at the office, the supplier you buy bottles from can be a “go to” to help you resolve the issue. They also do checks from time-to-time, and maintenance is worked into the deal, especially if you’re renting a cooler from the same supplier. Explore this as an option if you’re a little tight on cash flow in the short term, following which you can always buy the machines you are renting, or opt for a newer model once you’re a little more settled into the office space.

Your One-Stop Shop For Water Dispenser Bottles

Whether you’re looking for a steady supply of water dispenser bottles or water coolers themselves, Aquazania is your one-stop shop for either. Located in Johannesburg and servicing the rest of the country for years and years, their team is renowned for their expertise level and high levels of customer services. No water-related question is too small for them, so get in touch if you’re looking for a supplier that will walk a path with you and your business for many years to come.

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