Where To Find Water Coolers For Sale In South Africa

Cooled water splashing in a glass

If you’re a small business owner looking to up the health game at the office this year, getting a water cooler is an easy way to get the process started. Water coolers might have stereotypically been featured as “office gossip” sections in Hollywood over the years, but in reality they are far more important. Giving your employees access to a steady supply of clean drinking water not only sets the example of good health from the top of the management structure of the company, but also adds to company culture, because the staff feels that their health is just as important as their productivity. Where should you start looking for water coolers in South Africa? Look no further, we’ve got everything you need right here. 

Clean Water Around The Clock

Having a steady supply of clean water around the clock at the office not only ensures that the team stays hydrated, but also has health benefits that are invisible to the naked eye. Drinking more water, rather than leaning on those soda cans in the vending machine, can have digestive and metabolic benefits to the team as well. Some studies suggest that a regular supply of clean water also helps with reducing aches and pains in joints, especially if the person is fairly sedentary across the day. This is usually the case in an office environment, where things can be so busy that nobody takes a break, and an entire morning whizzes by in the blink of an eye. 

Top Coolers

When you’re looking for some water coolers for the office, Top Coolers is one way you can go. Although they traditionally cater to eight different industries (including car dealerships, gyms and hospitals), they also service individual customers who are looking to make a lifestyle change. Top Coolers distributes Waterlogic coolers only, and has over two decades of experience bringing this esteemed product to the South African market. Although their range is not as diverse as some of the others on our list today, it’s worth getting a quote for comparative purposes, so you can get a greater sense of market prices. 

A pool of cold, clear, water


Alton was started back in 2012, and today boasts an impressive range of diverse products ranging from water filters all the way through to bottle racks. The company imports their products from Europe and Asia and is perhaps best known for manufacturing non-spill, one-piece caps before the rest of the market started catching on. We’re big fans of their Eco3 filters, water dispensers and the accessories they have in their catalogue. If you’re planning on a bulk purchase, especially if you have a large office team, then their bottle racks are worth putting a little bit of extra cash down for. 


We can’t talk about water cooler providers and not mention Aquazania, a leader in the field. From bottled to bottleless options, the company has revolutionised the industry by offering companies and individuals coolers for purchase, or for hire. They offer various deals depending on the amount of water cooler bottles you might need (the rental is free, for instance, if you buy more than 9 bottles a month), and their range is extensive enough to cater to individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes. With over 20 000 happy customers, they should always be on your list of contacts for anything water-related. 

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