Why Does A Coffee Vending Machine Save Money at Some Companies?

Why Does A Coffee Vending Machine Save Money at Some Companies?

We’ve seen, first hand, how some companies are able to cut costs by tens of thousands of rands, simply by introducing a coffee vending machine to their work space.

Not only does it cut costs, but it saves time, keeps the pause / refreshment area tidy, and it can help curb abuse of coffee products in the office. For a quick video review, head on over here.

However, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Some companies find themselves worse-off after the introduction of a coffee vending machine into their offices. So, why does a coffee vending machine save money at some companies?

We explain exactly who can benefit, WHY they benefit – as well as who might want to avoid this solution.

Coffee Vending Machines – Save Money At Your Office

The first step to consider when you’re figuring out if a coffee vending machine will work for your cause, is to determine the amount of people using coffee on a daily basis at the office. For example, if you work in a space of only 5 employees, chances are your coffee overheads are already considerably low; you don’t need to keep watch on that small amount of employees for potential theft and misuse of the product – and if we factor-in the next consideration step (rental pricing) – you might find yourself at a major loss.

See, a coffee vending machine is best suited to a larger staff complement – a ball park figure of an excess of 50 staff members will qualify you immediately to be a well suited user of a coffee vending machine.

Coffee Vending Machine Prices

This is tour second factor to ponder. Will you be renting or buying the machine?

There are various pricing structures when it comes to rentals, and most banks offer financing for you to buy your machine.
Once you’ve decided which of the two routes you’ll be taking, you’ll need to add in your rental charge per month, or your repayment amount monthly to the financial institution who financed your purchase.

Sometimes, the rental of the machine can be subsidised by using a set amount of coffee product per month; this is a great option if you want a one-stop plan.

Coffee Vending Machine – Money Saving Mechanism

The biggest money-saving factor in coffee vending machines is the physical control you hold over the product housed inside. See, coffee vending machines have internal canisters which keep your product fresh and ready to be dispensed. These are housed behind a lockable “cover”, meaning there is no way anybody could steal a cup of coffee or sugar to take home with them that night.

Also, the dispensed amounts are pre-determined. Press the “Cappuccino” button, and a pre-determined amount of milk powder, sugar and instant coffee will be dispensed. This means that Harry on the 15th floor, who enjoys 18 spoons of sugar in his coffee, will have to now foot his own monthly sugar bill.

Coffee Vending Machines – Product Costs

Usually, the rule of thumb is that the larger amount of capital laid pout for the coffee machine, the smaller the amount payable for the products it uses; it’s a simple fact of where the technology lies.

Instant coffee vending machines are a bit of a costly machine, but the cost of the product is almost nullified. It makes use of powdered milk (substantially cheaper than fresh milk); instant coffee and vending sugar.

None of these could be classed as expensive products, and working out what you pay for the product VS cost per cup, you’re looking at a huge saving IF you qualify the criteria needed.

In summary, a coffee vending machine is not the solution to each company when they are on a cost-saving drive.

If you can check all the boxes – it might warrant some more investigation – but it is likely a good choice for you.

– More than 50 staff members?

– Looking to curb theft and reduce product usage?

– Are you satisfied with quantity over quality? This machine does not guarantee premium coffee

– Will your new cost of rental or repayment be less than that you are currently spending per month on your coffee?

If you said yes to the above – fill out the form below and we’ll have one of our caffeine-fueled consultants call you back to discuss which option is best for you!