Will drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day start costing you a fortune?

Will drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day start costing you a fortune?

What if each person drinks over 3 cups of coffee per day? Will this not start costing me a fortune?

A common concern a lot of our customers express before trialling the coffee machine for an office is the fear of staff abusing the coffee machine service.

So you go out of your way to do something nice for the staff and they end up taking advantage of it. Isn’t that just like some people? You give them a little and they want everything and then some more.

Even though this fear exists, it doesn’t mean that it should impact your company nor end up costing you a lot. Over the years, our experience with companies of various sizes have indicated that it’s really all in that first week. That’s the period when the staff really get excited and tends to unnaturally boost the coffee usage.

However, after this “honeymoon” first week with the new coffee machine, one of two things happen.

Everyone’s coffee drinking habits begins to normalise and they go back to their regular drinking schedule.

The caffeine high experienced by the staff further fuels them and they continue on the same path, but what do you do when this happens?

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Well this is exactly one of the reasons why we try start all our customers with a one month test. If your staff happens to be the kind of people that result in “bad news” situation, we would suggest switching you over to what we call an “uncapped plan” before the month is up.

An uncapped or unlimited coffee plan is where you pay a set monthly fee, regardless of how much coffee your staff drink. This protects you from the caffeine addicts.

Uncapped plans are great if you have chain coffee drinkers, but we prefer to start your company with one of our standard plans as most companies do not fall into the “bad news category” and often our more traditional plans do work out cheaper.

A very interesting fun fact: we have taken an average consumption number of drinks per day per employee from over 1000 of our customers and the average usage per day is less than 2 cups per person.

We hope you found the above useful and gives you a little piece of mind in starting your rental-free trial.