Worlds Strongest Coffee – Proudly South African

Worlds Strongest Coffee – Proudly South African

If you guessed “Death Wish Coffee Company” – we don’t blame you. For a while, they held the title for the creating the world’s strongest coffee.

But of recent, they’ve been dethroned. Not just knocked off pole position, but rather knocked off and stomped on. Hard.

Black Insomnia Coffee is here to knock your socks off!

See, Death Wish Coffee reigned supreme – for a while. Their coffee was known globally to be the strongest – i.e. – having the highest caffeine content.

Then, born of creativity, passion and a clear lack of need for sleep – Black Insomnia was cultivated, developed and nurtured in a laboratory on Cape Town. While we ere all sleeping, the creator of the brand was experimenting, refining and exploring options – a way to keep us all awake perhaps?

Having made it’s début at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo in Johannesburg a few weeks back, we’ve seen this brand popping up all over the place.

The creative force behind Black Insomnia – Sean Kristafor – has dedicated himself to the development of his own unique brand. While Death Wish held the title for a while, one can easily see that the majority of reviews of this brand have taken a dislike to their exceptionally strong taste that comes with the unusually high caffeine content.

With their catch phrase standing proud, telling us that “Sleeping Is Cheating” is evident in the reviews we’ve seen on Black Insomnia Coffee.

Some reviews of Black Insomnia are below:

“Just had my first cup of black insomnia coffee. All I can say is WOW. Best coffee I’ve ever had and I’m no coffee drinker…”

“It truly is not just the strongest coffee but still is very aromatic and creamy. Loved it. Had 2 didn”t sleep till 3:30!!!”

But, this is our favourite:

worlds strongest coffee










Black Insomnia Coffee – coming in at 57mg caffeine per cup has managed to retain the aromatic flavour of coffee, while keeping the magical ingredient at it’s highest possible level.

FYI: Keep an eye out for the ground breaking new innovation – The Black Bullet.

While they do not sell directly to the public, certain outlets are available throughout Cape Town – and can be ordered online at
Want an even bigger surprise?

Black Insomnia Coffee has included in it’s range not only the world’s strongest coffee beans, but they have availed a selection of perfectly extracted, cold-brew coffee, Nitrox Coffee (yes, you read that right – stay calm!) – as well as coffee capsules!

The certification of Black Insomnia as the world’s strongest coffee has come around – check it out!

Worlds Strongest Coffee Certification
Worlds Strongest Coffee – Black Insomnia – Certification









There’s no excuse not to try it. Best in Summer, Best in Winter – best today or tomorrow.

This is the droid you’ve been looking for!

Check out black Insomnia here!

Website: Black Insomnia Coffee

Facebook: Black Insomnia Coffee




Also available at:

Shift Espresso Bar

Cape Royal Hotel, 45 Main Rd, Green Point

Cape Town, 8005

021 433 2450

Haas Coffee Collective

19 Buitenkant St, Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town, 8001

021 461 1812

Hard Pressed Café

1 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre

Cape Town, 8000

079 066 8888